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O que eu li ontem

O que eu li ontem

Ontem postei que tinha acabado de ler um texto que me disse muita coisa, que me deixou pensativa, com saudade dele. :-)

Hoje acordei pensando nisso e uma foto meu veio à memória.

This is a picture that, in my head, matchs something that I read on the AnOther magazine and got me back to some memories.

“There are things about you, things I know, remember, when we’re apart. I have a list and it keeps me hold of you, helps me to keep hold of you.

2. A red handbag, deep and over-full, you said it held your secrets and I wanted to tip it up, tip it over me, reveal you.

7. The way you whisper when you say thank you, as if I might take back whatever I have given you, I won’t.

9. Singing songs, in someone else’s language, songs that might be a lullaby or a call to pray or a call to arms, you don’t know what they mean, don’t remember who taught you, but the words translate into lovely in your mouth.

13. Another one, no other one, just you, my other. My other one.

Thirteen reasons for you.

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