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Sexta eu fui trabalhar num clima de roupa vermelha. O que isso significa eu não sei, mas sem querer, acabei usando a cor do pecado na maioria das peças que usei neste look.

Saia vermelha Zara (aquela que já anda sozinha) // camisa de seda vintage (comprada na feira de antiguidades) // cinto Hermès vintage // sapato Via Curtume (baratex e boa qualidade) // bolsa Louis Vuitton. Os acessórios todo mundo já viu antes. :-)

Last friday I dressed in a hi-low red look. It was a bit by chance, but I ended up wearing the sin color in almost all the pieces I wore on the same look.

Red skirt Zara (I wear it so much that it can walk on its own) // silk vintage shirt (from an antiques market in Rio) // belt Hermès vintage // shoes Via Curtume (cheap and good quality small shop in Rio) // Bag Louis Vuitton // the accessories we have seen before, since I have been wearing them a lot latelly.

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