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Sol in the city

I thought I would never come to say this, but yes, it was too warm in Oslo. Not that this is a complaint, of course. A sunny day around here is such a great thing for a Rio’s girl mood. Honestly, after moving here I started to value the power of a sunny and warm day. I had so many of them in Rio that the excessive heat was one of the reasons I left the beach-town.

And on the pictures above you can see how I enjoyed one of the sunny days we had this week: pic nic in the park, a long walk, an ice-latte and love all around.

A perfect day to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses with very old sparkle cardigan.

Vintage Dress – at Tonica Vintage
Espadrille Chanel
Cardigan Maria Filó (very old)
Bag Patricia Issler (bespoke small production in Brazil) for Dona Coisa


Um dia de sol aqui em Oslo é um acontecimento. Bunda branca pra cima no parque aos montes, churrasqueira descartável cheia de coisa gostosa nas rodinhas amigos no parque e muito amor pela cidade.

Só depois de vir pra cá que eu comecei a valorizar o calorão que meio que me mandou embora do Rio. Aí em cima vc vê como eu aproveitei u dos dias maravilhosos de sol que tivemos nessa semana.

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