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Luz de Itacaré

Luz de Itacaré

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An small city in the northeast of Brazil can be a great source of energy and inspiration. Even more when this place is located at the south of Bahia state. Itacaré has been one of the nicest short vacations we have had latelly. I felt like I was in another dimension, with different time frame and environment. It may be because Bahia, specially the small villages, has a different timing of living, something like stress-free and “don’t worry, be happy“. Check out more pictures, travel tips and a colorful outfit.

The idea was to travel from Rio, in a long weekend (about 5 days) to the northeast of Brazil. Although it is not a very short flight, since in four hours you can travel to different countries in europe for instance, we decided to make it happen. We wanted a small town but developed enough so we could have a comfortable and nice hotel and enough attractions around we could drive to. Itacaré was, then, the perfect choice.

During our stay we could visit small villages around, we drove to Barra Grande and Taipus de Fora to see the natural pools – and that is a planned adventure since you gotta check the sea timetable to know when is the best time to see the pools, and it is usually quite early. Anyways, I totally recommend the trip and will soon tell you more details.

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The day before we went on the long drive to the natural pools we decided to hang out in Itacaré center. The beach you see in the pictures is Coroinha, just in front of the hotel we lived in – named Villa Barracuda. The beach is not proper for bathing but it is so so beautiful. You can see the encounter of the river and the see what makes it the perfect morning view. The hotel is in the center so it was just about getting out to be in the middle of the locals. Since I am brazillian, I felt quite local, but the real local ones could see I came from a big city like Rio. It was for sure a great experience to talk to them, learn more about their lifes, everyday  things, you know? They have such a great energy. It is an effortless kindness. I loved it.

We had acarajé – u gotta do it when in Bahia, right? Local ice cream, walked around just watching, calmly, perfection if u ask me. Plus, it is so much cheaper than Rio. So much. Lovely isn’t?

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The most beautiful sky ever!

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