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Culotte pants turned out to be a “must have” in my closet. It is ultra comfortable, lightweight, surprisingly flattering and easy to pair. But for the full figured ladies like me, a few style tips will help us to rock this spring trend. 

Women’s culottes first appeared when Victorian ladies got active. Initially known as “split” or “divided skirts”, their two-legged nature was concealed by ruffles or panels, but gave women the freedom to ride bikes and horses properly. Later, culottes became a key part of the iconic uniform of the Guides and were sported by fashion visionary Elsa Schiaparelli, an early adopter of the kind of culottes you’ll find on the high street this season: ostentatiously and unapologetically biped. In 1931 her “divided-skirt” unified the British press: they hated it. Culottes as we know them were considered manly, with hints of lesbianism. whaaat? ahahahhaa People been thinking ridiculously, we know that.


I found my colottes at H&M+, tryied on many pairs until decided the 48 was a good fit, although it looks and feels a bit loosen in the waistline. The lightweight viscose feels good in touch with my skin. In the pictures I am not wearing shapewear but I do recommend it. The shorts/body type is the ideal for you if you got voluminous tights as me (and almost al curvacious ladies around).

The lengh of the culottes can be a bit restrictive in my humble opinion. If you are a bit shorter I would go for heels with all outfits wearing these pants. They can create a kinda “divided” siluette that can be not so flattering for plus sized figures. But of course, lets keep in mind that one can preety much wear anything that pleases, right?

To work on elonging the figure, I would go for a not cropped top as I did in the pictures. I do loce the but def I don’t wear it for the elongating featured. So, mid heels and slim fit tops are a must go in this case.

What about you? How would you rock a culotte pant? I got more outfit pictures wearing it and will soon share it here.

Pants H&M+

Assmetric Top Zara

Clack top Monki (from last year)

Mid Heels Zara

Bag Celine

Lip Gloss Armani shade 402

gisella francisca plus size style culottes 6 gisella francisca plus size style culottes 3 gisella francisca plus size style culottes 1 gisella francisca plus size style culottes 2 gisella francisca plus size style culottes 5



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