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Bikini talk

Bikini talk

gisella francisca bikini talk 2

In the northern hemisphere summer approaches and we count down the days. What we want the most is to spend all day at the beach, drinking coconut water, meeting friends, having good drinks and just fully enjoy ourselves . This time of the year is so incredibily promising but also very a promiter of doubts and insecurities , especially for full figured ladies like me. It can be an uncertainty about the ideal swimsuit, or insecurity related to body image. I got you! We are just in the same boat. Chck out this post with amazing pictures of beaches in Brazil and some words on self love.


Needless to say as I am dying to get the summer right? When selecting the photos of this post I was drooling all the time in these landscapes that had been present for a few months. It was a summer so hot and productive. And I’m sure that all this possible was the fact that I’m at peace with my image. Not 100 %, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , but a very positive balance , with a balanced mind.

Many people talk to me about this subject, like, “Wow, u have such a self esteem right? You can tell by your natural ’swag’ ahahhaha” and many other comments in this regard. Depending on the person I develop the theme. Because you see. I’ve been cultivating my body as it is for 32 years. I have cellulite, I have stretch marks, scars and I have marks of life. I would I just try t get rid of all this for hating my image? I cannot even conceive. Not for hate, no.

To love youself ain’t to settle for little. It aint to settle for a “comfort zone” life. It is the opposite. Love urself comes from the initial act to recognize your own greatness, your path in the world, your personality and character. It comes from self-knowledge. Of course you don’t need to be a Buddha or Frida Kahlo to love yourself. What you need is self respect first. Voilà. And that self-respect comes from many different daily exercises of self love -like not criticizing yourself all the time, do not criticize others eighter, focus on what u have and not what you miss. Come to cultivate a home in which people encourage and support each other. Cherish anything you did well, like “I cleaned the house today” or “ I managed to close that difficult contract.” Like I always say, everyday exercises of self appreciation.

So you, like myself, have your battles, your ghosts. When the summer comes will you put on a beautiful swimwear and get yur curves to the beach or are you hiding home dying of heat in the room watching TV? Really? I’m sharing this here because I also go through the same issues. People think because I put here my best photos and help to inspire more people to love themselves, I have 500% of self love and self esteem. Yes, I love myself. Yes, I recognize that I am good at what I like to do and I have a good character and let love role my life. But this does not guarantee me days of sunshine every day. I have my daily struggles, my rainy afternoons, but my days of sunshine are bigger and I focus on them.

Try to be around people that put you upwards and have good and positive body image. Get away from negativity, follow on social media images you identify yourself with, praise more yourself and go now to look in the mirror to see everything good you have. Practice this daily and tell me if it helps or not. Now, the best part, beaches in Brazil from thissummer.

gisella francisca bikini talk 8gisella francisca bikini talk 7gisella francisca bikini talk 6

Buzios, Rio de Janeiro State.

gisella francisca bikini talk 5gisella francisca bikini talk 4gisella francisca bikini talk 3Arraial do Cabo, also Rio de Janeiro state.

gisella francisca bikini talk 1
Arpoador, Rio. Hometown, place I meet my friends at the beach.

gisella francisca bikini talk 9Leblon, just one block from my place. lovely.

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