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Lace is one of the most feminine fabrics I know of. It is delicate, lighweight and super sexy. Also versatile. Can be worn in different outfits and styles, from the romantic to the rock n’roll looks. In this post I wear bodycon lace dress that has been in my closet for a while but not discuvered, until recently, as a winner that it is. Plus, shapes and ideas for adapting pieces you already got without having to go broke in the next season.

gisella francisca vestido renda plus size 3gisella francisca vestido renda plus size 4

This is one inspiring scenario. Beautiful after beach chill, romantic sunset with hubby and champagne in my glass. Just sounds like paradise and it did felt like it. This lace dress felt like the one and only outfit I could be wearing. And thta’s funny since it has been in my closet for couple of months with the tag on and jst waiting for its turn.

I got it in one of my jobs early this year in Brazil. It was part of my picks for the summer and style tips for the biggest plus suze fashion retailer in the country – Faminga. We called the job “As escolhas de Gisella”) something like Gisella’s choices and it was a huge success. This dress is from the brazilian plus size brand Mari Malpighi.

I really like this dress. It has all the elements that make a good piece in the plus size closet: the 3/4 sleeves, moderate transparency, bodycon shape that loosens a bit from the hips down, open neckline, it just works. For this summer afternoon I chose to wear it just simply, with vlack & golden flats and a vintage purse.

But I still think it can be pimped up and that’s when the magic happens. For my scandinavian summer, starting now, I will rock this dress with a black silk little dress underneath and a blazer or a leather jacket over. Will probably pick an akle boot to pair with, making it a seventies/boho look which I love.

Sometimes you just don’t need to buy new things beore rying different possibilities with what is already there for you. New seasons bring new trands but they are just a fad in a way. Style stays. So, try to adapt more instead of being fooled by the industry all the time. Nothing wrong with getting new clothes, it is just that you also have to see out of the box when you open your wardrobe right?

Dress from Mari Malpighi

Flats Gucci

Vintage bag

After some reasearch I found similar pieces:

Here from Asos

Here from navabi

Another one from navabi

Here from Evans
gisella francisca vestido renda plus size 2
gisella francisca vestido renda plus size 1

gisella francisca vestido renda plus size 6


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