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To open my closet and show what and how I dress. This resumes m participation on Kamille magazine – the largest norwegian publication for women under 40 years old. I am very happy to have been invited by them and to have the oportunity to contribute to more diversity in the media. I made some backstage images to show you in first hand hereso you can get a glimpse of what’s to come. :-)

We produced for 4 pleasant hours. I started yesterday picking some looks that would represent my style and today the girls helped me to decide and to choose acessories to pimp up the pieces. The Kamille team couldn’t be kinder (and prettier). The girls seem to be very experienced and were super helpful with me. So, here goes a big hug to the journalist @anne_aasgaard who is very clever and good on style. In the interview we talked about my style, of curse, but also om the importancy of more diversity in the media. I am very happy to be part of a growing trend in the norwegian media of promoting more body positivity and more inspiration for all kinds of women.

Not only I represent the full figured ladies, but I also represent the dark skinned ones, the imigrants who chose to live in Norway and are part of the society. All these small groups are a big part of the norwegian society and I can’t be prouder of to be somehow each one of them too. :-)

Also, it is not easy to find style inspiration for curvier ladies in Norway and magazines as Kamille and KK are in the vanguard of promoting “all sizes”style.

I was lucky enough to be shot by the great photographer @johannasiring and have my makeup fixed by @thaokakaoo.

I wore several pieces of my wardrobe that I love a lot and some new ones from Zizzi fashion. I will make a post about the pieces themselves but I can tell you in advance that the wrap dress is gorgeous.

Now, have a look on the pictures, I am so happy to be part of it.


gisella francisca kamille shoot 7 gisella francisca kamille shoot 8 gisella francisca kamille shoot 9 gisella francisca kamille shoot 12gisella francisca kamille shoot 10 gisella francisca kamille shoot 11 gisella francisca kamille shoot 3 gisella francisca kamille shoot 4 gisella francisca kamille shoot 5 gisella francisca kamille shoot 1 gisella francisca kamille shoot 2


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