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Gangsta #1

Gangsta #1

So here is one great example of a classic situation when you see that piece and just cannot realize how amazing it is until you try it on. Exactly what happened with this oversized shirt, or parka? Or dress? Check out this post.

According to the retailer this is a shirt but it does looks like a parka or a dress to me. Despite the tecnical name, the oversized piece just took my heart when I tried it on and realized how cool it would look if I acessorized it my way.

Sometimes we go shopping and just automatically end up looking for more of the same. It is so important to keep your mind outside the box and count on the plus size’s wardrobe friends, like a belt, high heels, etc…

So next time you go shopping for a dress, try the oversized shirts, why not. With the right pairing you will make your own version of the piece. For example, take a look in the lookbook pictures of the retailer and my look… Feeling like the Gangsta number one ahahahhaha

Ankle Boot Maria Bonita Extra / Bag Vintage / Shirt Zizzi / Leather belt Carmakoma

gisella francisca BW sstripes zizzi 2 gisella francisca BW sstripes zizzi 4 gisella francisca BW sstripes zizzi 3gisella francisca BW sstripes zizzi 5 gisella francisca BW sstripes zizzi 1 gisella francisca BW sstripes zizzi 6


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