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Chemise plus size

Chemise plus size

Chemise is one of the most known and worn designs in fashion nowadays. And it’s got history. And a special place in the plus size wardrobe. Check this out. 

Chemise is a French term that simply means shirt. Yes, that simple. According to wikipedia, the chemise seems to have developed from the Roman Tunica  and first became popular in Europe in the Middle Ages. Until the late 18th century, a chemise referred to an type of undergarment-like piece, such as the combination dresses we wear nowadays. And it was the only underwear worn until the end of the Regency period in the 1820s and was usually the only piece of clothing that was washed regularly. People were not very much into hygiene, you know. 

For the plus size wardrobe, the chemise is a must-have. It fits mostly all body types. Can be worn in diferrent occasions and it is just a go-go when you want to have more versatile pieces. This one I am wearing in the pictures recalls the 70s style. The print, the fit, colors, everything. And I love it.

It is from a Brazilian plus size brand that started up recently – Mellbout – and I am glad to be their ambassador. Stay tuned for more pieces from them and more styles here.

gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 4gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 7gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 5 gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 6gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 3 gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 2 gisella francisca chemise plussize mellbout 1

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