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ColorFULL + a denim shirt

If I had to pick only a few advices on the perfect wardrobe, surely a denim shirt would be among the precious tips. If only I knew how good it is to have such a piece in my closet, I wouldn’t have taken so long to get myself one.

Although this still ain’t the perfect fit, it has been doing wonders for my outfits. like a pair of jeans, the denim shirt is just so versitile. I love it.

This shirt was bought at Mango in Paris last april. Again, not the perfect fit as it is too square, shoulders are not in the right place. Maybe they meant to make a boyfriend shirt, relaxed, oversized fit. If so, they went totally bananas and just didn’t nailed it.

Anyways, this is the only denim shirt I have. And you, if you have the chance to get yourself one that fits you well and flatter your curves, please do not hesitate. Borrow money, sell another item, do whatever it takes to get yourself a perfect denim shirt.

This look I wore on a sunday to walk around Oslo, visit the open market at Grünnerløkka and see some indie art. If you come to Oslo, make sure you visit the Blå Søndagsmarked, every sunday around Blå and Ingensteds (two cool places that you should go). The area is so so pleasant, buzzy, with young interesting people. I love it. Here is the FB page of the sundays-market.

Another great tip on places to visit in Oslo is the cafe Peloton. It is a cafe and bike repair place? ahahaha Yes, Bike Repair. How cool? Coller than the concept is the interior design. I can’t love it more. Here is their page:

Outfit details:

Denim shirt from Mango (bought last April)

Skirt from Zara (it is about 7 years old! Yes)

Shoes: Adidas Superstar (new)

Bag Celine

Jacket Kapphal (about 1 year old)
gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 19 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 14 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 18 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 12 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 15 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 17 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 16

Blå Søndagsmarked:

gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 6 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 5 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 4 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 3 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 1 (1) gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 2 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 7 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 9 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 11gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 10gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 6gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 8 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 9gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 8gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 7gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 5


gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 3 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 4 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 2 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 1

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