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Next level: new hair design






They say our hair is the frame of our faces. I think the importancy of the hair in your overall look is as important as your clothes. When it looks just like you want it to, It can takes your look to the next level.

That’s how I feel with my new hair design. It looks so edgy, so high end. I am overwhelmed. Maybe it sounds just like, ok, you got a hair cut, so what? So? I gotta tell you a few facts then.

I live in Oslo and spend a lot of time in Rio. In Oslo I haven’t found yet the best fit for me when it comes to a hairdesigner, it ain’t simple when your hair is just so so so much different from the rest of the population. My hairdresser lives in London and also spends a lot of time in Rio. If our schedules don’t match while we are both in Brazil, I got to make it to London then.

Last time I had a haircut was 12 dec, 2014. Ten months ago. The initial design developed each month and I ended up having several shapes until my hair finally reached its usual final state before a urgent haircut – triangled shapes and just a bunch of curls with no design. I had to go.

With the excuse of my past birthday, I decided to give myself a super gift of taking a short trip to London and getting Neandro Ferreira doing his magic on my curls.

Yes, it is worth it. After the session with my I got back in the shapes I like – not so short curls, overall volume, irregular lengths, some longer edges, lighter looking haircut.

Neandro is one of the best hairdresses I know. His creations speak for themselves, The longlasting designs are modern and high end. It is like a siged piece of art. Sassoon academy, beauty director the largest media in Brasil, trendsetter and my friend. I invite you to have a look at his work and let me know what you think. He is an artist.


gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 3gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 1 gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 2gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 4 cópia

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