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Colors, stripes & polka dots: Fashion for all with Lindex

Lindex is setting examples for the fast fashion brands around the world. They are including larger sizes in their regular lines, offering now the same clothes for sizes XS to XL. It makes so much more sense. We all should be able to have the same choices of clothes. Many brands nowadays approach a concept of fashion democracy, positive self image and diversity, but many of them are not even close to actually apply the speech to their strategy/services.

That’s the reason I think Lindex is a good example for the other fast fashions to follow. Lindex already has a exclusive plus size linde, sizes ranging from 44 to 54. The styling is a bit more conservative. With including larger sizes in the other “shops”, Lindex actually offers different styles in the same brand, what can increase the amount of pieces each person buys. Sounds like a good business, doesn’t it? From august 2016 all lines (or shops, how they call it) will have larger sizes included to its ranges. That I can call fashion diversity.

I was invited to pick a few outfits at one of their shops in central Oslo (tusen takk). This is one of the looks I created just based in my current summer mood of playing with prints, colors and textures. Both the skirt and the top are from Holly & Whyte – that has a summer very inspired by the life in a boat. :-)

gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 6gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 2gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 7gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 5gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 8

Top and skirt have been sponsored.

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