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Preggo Style: How to dress during pregnancy

To start this post, I must tell you that I have been lucky and a very unusual pregnant lady. And it is likely that it shows in the way I have been dressing in the last nine months.

Having found out about my baby boy when I was already 28 weeks far (yes, around 5-6 months – details here) may have influenced the way I have been dressing. Luckily I haven’t changed my style as it is part of me and who I am. Let’s keep this idea in mind, right?

For some ladies, the baby bump starts to show kind of early in the pregnancy, I would guess around 4 months? Maybe mine started revealing itself by this time too but I couldn’t notice. I really thought it was a result of my lifestyle in the last year. A lot of travelling and eating dinners late at night. Ahahhahahaha

My bump actually just got more pronounced, or I got more aware of it, when I found out I was pregnant. Then boooom! Suddenly I had a 6 months baby bump. Our body changes so much, so many reactions going on in the same time. You feel so different that to keep the clothes (if they still fit you) or to keep your style may be the part where you bring normality back and feel like yourself again.


Make it pop!

Pencil skirts (or bodycon dresses) are our best friends. They help to better shape the body and to actually show you are pregnant and have not been eating whole melons. But they should be comfortable and not too tight on the waist. Fabrics that stretch a lot are the best choices.

Pair them with simple tees, shirts, blazers, trench, kimonos, as you like. They are versatile and my best picks.

gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-gravida-plus-size-lindex-riverisland 3

Here around 6 months


gisella-francisca-lindex-holly-whyte-all-sizes-plus-size-fashion 3Here I was almost 7 months
gisella-francisca-plus-size-trend-zizzi-black-label-spring 10

And here I was just 4 months  I see no bump, though.

A line skirts

A lot of people’s favorite. It is comfortable, feminine and available mostly everywhere. Although it ain’t my first choices by this stage of pregnancy (I am now in my final weeks), I must say the model is quite comfy and can be flattering. Pair with a slim fit top, This is key. If you want to go modern, try mixing prints and patterns, layering and acessorizing. Always works.

gisella-francisca-trendy-plus-size-HM-skirt-saia-look 4

Here I was 4 months far

gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 3

Three to four months here, no clue of my baby boy being cooked up.

gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 5

Here I was almost 7 months. A line skirts don’t shape the bump but you can help the pictures results by posing accordingly. See this one:

gisella-francisca-plussize-fashion-lindex-storestorrelse 3FullSizeRender 3

Tee shirts

You want to be comfortable. That’s mostly it. But a t-shirt can be very boring. So, tie a not, accessorize, play with prints, whatever you like doing. But get your tees on. They are fresh and comfy.


FullSizeRender 5IMG_9511 IMG_8694


Dresses and tunics

I love them. They are so practical and comfy. These are the magic words now so do go for them. But watch out for the shapes, you don’t want to look like a teint but you don’t want to feel to tight eigther. Here I have some models. I am thinking of getting myself a cool bodycon dress but then again, do I really need it?

gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-zizzi-tunica 2 gisella-francisca-plus-size-summer-stripped-dress-zizzi 1 gisella-francisca-plus-size-riverisland-floral-longo-dress-vestido 2 gisella-francisca-plus-size-summer-zizzi-mai16 9 gisella-francisca-plus-size-river-island-print-long-dress 1


I like my underwear highwaisted and comfortable. I have been looking for pregnancy panties but they look just ugly. So I found this model on lindex and I just go for it. Been wearing size large but I would have sized down a little if I knew they stretch so much after washing.

FullSizeRender 6



Keep using your options and do not buy too much!

From now on in my life I cannot just “not have the funds” if something happens with my kid. So expenses are now very much planned and priotized. Meaning that I just do not buy whatever I think I need, because I get mostly wrong. All the hormones and changes I have been through often makes me think I need stuff, I need a changem I need to compensate somehow. So I can see that money has been flying out of the window. Mostly with baby’s stuff like furniture. So, to keep in mind that this is a “temporary me” and that I do not need that many new stuff, has been the key to self control around here.

Show skin!

Nothing wrong in being proud of your pregnancy and show it around. In Rio you see uncovered baby bumps all around, but here in Oslo it seems people are not very used to that in the summer so I still get some looks when I am out. Which means they love it, as far I am the one to judge how I feel and how I want to dress.


To dress when pregnant is a mteer of feeling good, beautiful and mainly comfortable. And all for you. I mean, you own your body, your image and style. So, as much as you get opinions or suggestions like mine, just go for what makes ou to feel better, as life is, right?

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