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Platinum Grey Afro

Platinum Grey Afro

I think I am now finished with the bleaching process of my hair. As I have shown in this post here, It has been a while I have been wanting this change and had an almost irresistible opportunity to make it happen, in a very reliable place that knew how to deal with my curls and used best quality products.

This time I did everything with Tonja Dahlen at Adam og Eva Strøget, in Oslo. She is known for her skills in coloring and to be bold as I am – actually Tonje is both great professional and person. She is flexible and creative, so, one good choice for anybody 🙂

She invited me to be his model in celebration of 20 years of the salon works at, Adam og Eva Strøget. I said yes right away. She has been part of my previous bleaching and managed to take away a lot of red pigment in the first few sessions .

The result now is how I wanted – a super cool tone, which almost covered entirely the many red pigments that my hair has. The good thing is that gray with time washes out and makes me increasingly blonde ahahahhaha.

To achieve a much colder tone and remove the maximum of red pigments we could, Tonje bleached my hair using Flash lift by Redken plus 60% developers that I am not aware of the details  and the new PH Bonder – a synergistic system that helps protect bonds and reduce breakage during technical services (such as bleach and haircolor).(also, I am not a professional so I am not be using the specific terms for the process). Then she used the demi-permanent haircolor from Redken, the Shade E. They are like a hair gloss that delivers color, shine, and condition to hair.

We use Chrome and Platinium Ice to make a gradient effect, from darker roots to silver ends. Here I found a color chart with all the options in the Shade E family. But you got to talk to a professional, right? I love this gradient and this will give me more freedom in the sense that I won’t need touching up all the time.

I really do not know how my blonde ambition will last. I do not usually make many plans accordingly. But, for now I’m loving it.

In the previous post I received positive and negative comments. Some people thought it did not match the blonde curls and there are people who loved him. I think such a big change so causes estrangement in people who see me for so long with a single look. Imagine me that see myself all the time? ahahahaha the fact is that I’m happy with my change and when to decide back to my previous look, I do without any problem. Hair is just hair, it grows … 🙂

Do you enjoy a radical change like that?


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