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Shinying in October Pink

October is a special month in fashion. It is when the industry supports the fight against breast cancer by donating part of the sales to research and development. Lindex launched the special Pink Collection and it is just great that the Finish house is contributing with fighting breast cancer with its own designs this year.

The pieces are a modern, feminine and strong conceptual range of carefully-selected garments and accessories in an exciting palette of colors with 10 % of the price being donated to cancer research.

I have been to a Lindex shop to pick some pieces and create my own outfits. It shows that there is fashion for everybody and both curvy or skinny ladies can wear Lindex and in this case, contribute somehow to the breast cancer research.

The pieces are available in the shops and the styles are timeless. So I would strongly recommend the pieces I wore if you are looking for a pimp-up-pink in your closet.

gisella-francisca-afroblonde-lindex-pink-collection-11 gisella-francisca-afroblonde-lindex-pink-collection-4 gisella-francisca-afroblonde-lindex-pink-collection-8 gisella-francisca-afroblonde-lindex-pink-collection-12 gisella-francisca-afroblonde-lindex-pink-collection-9

The clothes have been sponsored by Lindex Norway.

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