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Turning summer into autumn and the perfect fit


The fit is the whole big deal when it comes to clothes. We want to have them embracing our curves when we buy a new piece, right? Fit is magic, is key. For this reason, it can be the biggest challenge for the plus size production.

In years of experience as an insider in fashion brands, I learned that if you want to produce plus size clothes, you got to cut for it. meaning that when designing a new piece, you must fit for the size you cutting. Seems obvious but there is a lot of brands out there working with what we call scaling – like fitting for 36 and increase the sizes using a table, a scale, and that just doesn’t do. You end up with shoulders by the elbows for instance.

But when you do plus size that has been cut and fit for plus size, it is a game changer. I know some brands that work right, investing in the fitting, like the Brazilian Marcia Moraes, which I wear in the pictures here or for instance Anna Scholz, who I interviewed about the creative process. Read here.

Nowadays we see more and more brands broadening their lines and including plus sizes. But fit is key. Are they ready to really dress plus size women or just want to engage in the hype? Remains to be seen.


Couple of weeks ago I received some pieces from the Brazilian brand Marcia Moraes. The challenge would be to wear them in cold Oslo. The obvious would be to leave them for my next trip to Brazil but I just could not wait. I think colors go a long way in the winter when all is dark and cold. So I had to pair the outfits with powerful coats. The shades of pink worked just fine with black and white stripes and green top.

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gisella-francisca-all-sizes-marcia-morais-plus-size-brasil-3 gisella-francisca-all-sizes-marcia-morais-plus-size-brasil-4gisella-francisca-all-sizes-marcia-morais-plus-size-brasil-8 gisella-francisca-all-sizes-marcia-morais-plus-size-brasil-7

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