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Long bomber jacket and lace dress: back to the 90s

Long bomber jacket and lace dress: back to the 90s






Sporty styles are a must have for an updated look in this season. Combined with romantic textures, the outfit gets a new modern twist, resulting in a cool and fresh look.

When I first saw this long bomber jacket was in a picture of an email from Zizzi. They were really excited to have a patched bomber in the store and asked me if I would wear it. I just laughed out loud in the hopes of getting the piece in my hands right away. I had to wait a month or so, though, but it was worth it. Now I find myself wearing the jacket all the time, with layers inside for colder days or just with a dress in milder weather.

Yesterday I wore the bomber jacket with this red lace skater dress. Then I randomly picked a belt for a waist fitted shape, then the shoes. But it was a bit too cold for the ankle boots so I put on simples high knee black wool socks.

The next look into the mirror took me right back to 1995.

Patched Bomber Jacket from Zizzi – only at Zizzi Oslo City, but the other shops and webshop got the same jacket without the patches. They also got it in dark green and it is quite cool

Dress from Lindex 

Belt from Gina Tricot (old)

Boots from Zara

Socks from Falke

Plus Size bomber jackets are not so easy to find. They are a hit in every fall/winter so I can safely recommend you to get one that you are comfortable with the fit and can wear a few layers under. Perhaps size up a little as I did with this very piece in the pictures.

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gisella-francisca-plus-size-bomber-jacket-red-lace-zizzi-norge-8 gisella-francisca-plus-size-bomber-jacket-red-lace-zizzi-norge-5 gisella-francisca-plus-size-bomber-jacket-red-lace-zizzi-norge-3gisella-francisca-plus-size-bomber-jacket-red-lace-zizzi-norge-4 gisella-francisca-plus-size-bomber-jacket-red-lace-zizzi-norge-2gisella-francisca-plus-size-bomber-jacket-red-lace-zizzi-norge-6

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