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color pop with H&M Plus Size

color pop with H&M Plus Size

Colours are kind of a state of mind. They help me to brighten my days when the weather is so grey and dark and I am so tired from the lack of full nights sleep due to my small baby boy. Impressive how to dress in bright colour help me. But then again, how to get blue days when you have such a sweet smile to you like Mikkél does to me?

Sometimes I feel like I have been darkening my wardrobe too much. I have always been wearing so many colours and lately I can see that black is just taking over. Ad I just realised that it is one of the impacts my move to Scandinavia had in my life. It is not negative, don’t get me wrong. I fact to wear black and dark colours feels just right around here. But being the colours fan that I am, I just love myself a bright pencil skirt, colourful details and bling bling’s, of course.

The best news is, it’s all on sale at hm.com. The skirt is from the regular collection and size M. It is one good example that sometimes it is good to have a look on other areas that you usually do not think of. Especially on sales.

Skirt is available here.

The sweater is from plus size collection at H&M. Just checked ad it sold out during black Friday 🙁

Shoes also from H&M, available here.

Coat is old, from Lindex.


gisella-francisca-plus-size-fashion-hm-norge-1 gisella-francisca-plus-size-fashion-hm-norge-2 gisella-francisca-plus-size-fashion-hm-norge-3 gisella-francisca-plus-size-fashion-hm-norge-4

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