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Red + Pink is the new black and white

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Keep it cosy… and warm in the winter

Keep it cosy… and warm in the winter

As days get colder and darker, it makes total sense to wear a light and feminine blouse (????). Yes! Under a warm and cosy jacket, right? But to find the right jacket can be a challenge, especially when, like yours truly, you are a fuller figured lady. But even though nowadays it is a bit easier to find a winter coat in sizes larger than L, there is something I must share…

As a girl born and raised in Rio, I had some trouble to feel comfortable and even beautiful wearing heavy and voluminous jackets. Although I have spent time abroad, during winter, like countless times, I could not feel good in that much fabric.

But when I started wearing Zizzi and finally got access to several options of good quality and stylish winter jackets, I could finally find beauty in outfits wearing big coats. The important, of course, is to be warm and comfortable. But a touch of style is much appreciated.

And in this outfit I feel warm, comfortable and stylish. The contrast between the jacket and the light blouse is a nice thing to have. A god style tip is to match textures like heavy coats with light pieces like the wrap white blouse. I also like the details in the pattern and the relaxed shape. Just a perfect match to the flare jeans. Flares are super cool and has an interesting history. Look here.

The jeans model is Ellen. The flared cut on the leg will also create balance for my hips. I have mentioned before that I am a fan of Zizzi’s jeans. Recently thy launched a new concept and models. Here you can see more about it as well as other jeans models.

Thr parka is from the Black Label has a beautiful  adjustable fit in the waist which makes the type of jacket more feminine. It is quite warm, water resistant, breathable and super soft due to the feathers inside. I am really happy about it. It will for sure be my favourite this winter.

The pieces are available in Zizzi stores and online. I found mine at the Zizzi Oslo City. They are super nice there and will help you to find the perfect pieces to your needs and style.

Blouse available here

Jacket available here

Jeans at Ellos or Navabi

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