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Shine bright, but from the inside out

When party season is on, it is officially allowed to shine on a daily basis. Clothes acquire bling bling’s, the accessories get fancy and us? We do have more fun. But truth is we need no allowance, or approval of any sorts, to shine as bright as we can, as often as we can, and even like, 24/7. With that being said, I got to add an important detail that changes it all: our brightest shine is from the inside out.

The real shine I refer to is the one that makes you feel self-love. It is the shine that gets you to appreciatte yourself, your personal qualities, abilities and life in general. This shine is the type that lasts, that contaminates people and make you an inspiring personality.

One beautiful thing about inspiring personalities is that they need no external bling bling to be loved or to shine among the crowd. People that bring the best in other people can be recognised in the dark for the wellness they provoke. I hope I can be this type of person. At least my dear ones tell me so 🙂

It takes no mastermind to be an inspiring person. It is about being generous and to try to see mostly the best in other people. It does not mean you will became a crazy person giving out compliments in the street, but it means you will train your brain and emotions to detect and keep the best parts of others and situations. You change, the world changes, you shine, you light others.

but now, let me tell you of another type of shine: the one we get when dressing a party look like this one I matched with the latest news at Zizzi shop. I am D-E-A-D WITH THIS BLOUSE. So elegant and sexy. I love the tone of blue,the lace detailed fabric, all so beautiful. It works very well with all body types. You can wear it inside a pencil skirt, as I did, or outside, for a more relaxed fit.

The skirt has a good amount of spandex and can be worn also as a top. I like to wear it as a type of shapewear around my waist. I used the size medium for extra hold.

Now, please have a look at my rings from Dyrberg Kern. I can’t deal with so much beauty. They are the perfect match for my alliances. The two bigger rings have a removable statement center piece, so, instead of two, I can combine the pieces in 4 different ways and buy them separately in the shops. The other rings help to increase the amazingness of my hands, in a “100 rings”style.




gisella-francisca-plus-size-hollidays-party-look-zizzi-julebord-antrekk-3-blog gisella-francisca-plus-size-hollidays-party-look-zizzi-julebord-antrekk-4-blog gisella-francisca-plus-size-hollidays-party-look-zizzi-julebord-antrekk-5-blog gisella-francisca-plus-size-hollidays-party-look-zizzi-julebord-antrekk-6-blog gisella-francisca-plus-size-hollidays-party-look-zizzi-julebord-antrekk-7-blogSkirt from Zizzi available here or at Zizzi Oslo city.

Blouse also from Zizzi, available here or at Zizzi Oslo City.

Rings from danish Dyberg/Kern

Earrings from Lindex

Shoes from Zara

Clutch from Stella McCartney



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