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A good 2017, in eight steps

A good 2017, in eight steps

I was trying to remember the promises I made last year to see if I had met the goals and if I was going on the path of my biggest plans in life. I figured that this way it would be easier to start writing about my year. Some plans worked out well, but the truth is I do not remember well how things were before I “got pregnant” (and had the baby in three months, ahahahha).

Needless to say, it’s been a rough year in several areas. The conflicts in the world, so many people dying, the police killing innocents in Rio, for example. Intolerance among people, stupidity spreading through the social media, haters still hating. Even with so many regrets, feelings of impunity and dissatisfaction, I can only say that 2016 was the best year of my life. AAAAAAA, too, without knowing how to explain.

That year my life changed from water to wine. And I drank almost nothing, but I celebrated a lot. In January I went back to Brazil, worked a lot, got closer to my family, I made a lot of new friends and I continued with strong ties with my old friends, it was excellent. I spent a carnival having fun in Rio, I worked even more and by April already had happened so much for me. At the end of that month I knew that I was expecting a boy who was already six months old. What a beautiful thing, huh? Okay, I’ll try not to tell the story again, but you can read it here. 

Since then I can say that the year flew by and I did not even feel it. I think I was in a very lethargic state, but very electric  at the same time, added to the chores of the life of those who will have a child, plus the short term to change the whole practical part of my life, plus my work – which only stopped a month , Plus extreme happiness and excitement, the result was a person who lived in another orbit and did not connect in real time. That explains a year that has passed so fast and definitive in my life.

Life is now like, before and after 2016. The desires, plans and goals are similar. I’m the same person who wants to make a difference to other people and to me too, of course. But my plans now include a person who is even more important than me, or my plans or anything else that is not himself. I hope that 2017 will give me a more relaxed and able to live normally without thinking all the time in this enormous love that I have felt in my heart. It’s because 2016 was so damn intense,  it was just the best year when I felt the strongest emotion and the greatest volume of love I have ever felt before.

Then the plan for 2017 is to continue upward, right? Here are my main points for a harmonious life:

  • Always balance my positive participation in people’s lives and theirs, in mine.
  • Maintain only positive relationships, focusing on productivity and relationships that make everyone grow together …
  • I also want to be more curious about things,
  • To be Much more patient, to complain less
  • Move more, stretch, have a body that brings me healthily
  • I’ll organise my time better to be able to do everything I need
  • Continue the professional partnerships that 2016 brought, working with fine people and producing together.
  • To be even closer to my family
  • And of course continue giving love, respect and all my best to my prince Mikkel.

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I took the pictures in this post to celebrate self-love and diversity. It was cold outside but very warm in the Cabin, with my family and my son.

Lingerie from Lindex. Available online and in stores. I am wearing sizes L and XL – they got all sizes there 🙂 The pieces are pretty, comfortable ad good quality. Diversity and self love are my key words for the next year.


gisella-francisca-lindex-lingerie-plus-size-sexy-3-copia gisella-francisca-lindex-lingerie-plus-size-sexy-2-copia gisella-francisca-lindex-lingerie-plus-size-sexy-1-copia


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