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Plus Size fashion trends with Zizzi at Panorama Fashion in Berlin

Plus Size fashion trends with Zizzi at Panorama Fashion in Berlin

Zizzi invited us, the brand ambassadors, for a fashion trip to Berlin to check out their lounge at the Panorama Fashion Fair, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It was such a great experience, I had a blast. And of course, I made images (and video) of everything so you guys can also be part of it. Come to check out all the plus size fashion trends, cool bloggers that visited us there, plus an exclusive sneak peek at the autumn winter 2017 collection.

I couldn’t ask for a better set up: fly from Oslo to Berlin, find a beautiful bag with different Zizzi outfits to choose, a cute letter, chocolate and a good bed to rest before we headed to the event. Panorama is one of the largest fashion fairs in the world, where the brands and retailers make business. It is basically where fashion happens – nothing goes to stores if buyers and brands don’t work together right?

Zizzi had the coolest stand in the whole fair, seriously. It was amazing. They had a barista making fresh coffee and served the coldest sparkling wine with super tasty cakes. Ok, food is important. But what they delivered was fashion trends and good encounters.

The blogger event they arranged took several bloggers from all over Europe to get t know Zizzi’s AW17 collection. They got all the bloggers together in the beautiful lounge to talk a little about the brand, then we all headed to the stand and in groups, we talked to the Head of designers Tina Sund about the collection, inspirations and trends. The other group had a DIY session with inspirational postcards that Zizzi will send on our behalf. This is seriously a cool idea.

The trends:

The collection is inspired by the theme called bohemian heritage. It has an oriental mood mixed with English aristocratic charm, got a lot of texture, floral prints inspired by interiors, florals, velvets, pleads and transparency in different layers.

“Velvet is a key fabric for the collection and the biggest trend, also the floral prints are very important, of transparency, hairy, furry textures too, mixed with jeans for a rougher feeling”, says Tina.

Another super important trend is the “athleisure”, athlete and leisure, like a jogging pant with a feminine blouse and high heels. Sporty clothes being mixed with super feminine pieces are one super trend that we will see a lot around.

Before you wonder: the pretty dress I am wearing is in Zizzi stores and online now. yay!

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 33

Zizzi Ambassadors: Me, Ditte Vallø, Saskia Oliveira and Emmi Snicker

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 15

Pretty girls at the Stand: Luziehtan, SchönWild, Me,  Emmi Snicker, Ditte Vallø

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 18

Bloggers at Zizzi presentation

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 29

Cool postcards to send out to the ones we find inspiration in.

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 26

Cute Luciana got her card

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 27

How cool is von_konfetti?

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 25

I did like, several cards. So many inspiring people around… 🙂

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 28

I don’t know which type of flower is it, but I do love it. The stand decor was so good in taste.

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 16

Zizzi providing great encounters

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 14

and conversations…

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 19 gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 30


gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 17

The style presentation with Tina Sund: “athleisure”, athlete and leisure, like a jogging pant with a feminine blouse and high heels.”

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 23 gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 22 gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 21 gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 20 gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 6

Flower print + transparency

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 5

Flower prints everywhere. We love it.gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 4

Flower prints in darker background – super trendygisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 7

Velvety flower details on transparency – one of my favorite pieces.

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 36

Badge flower prints and sporty vibes

gisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 35

Love the pastel shades in an autumn collection. Beeeautiful tones. Attention to the details on the collar and the plead on the tunic dressgisella-francisca-berlin-fashion-week-plus-size-aw17 34

Jogging pants and layered transparency – super trends to follow.

Are you ready for all the trends? I can’t wait to have them available.

I am glad to be a Zizzi ambassador. It feels priceless to work with such a responsible brand, that cares for the people, promote encounters and mostly, make fashion trends available to plus size public.

Let’s keep talking?

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