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All about skin care, summer and routines

All about skin care, summer and routines

Did you know that UV radiation is responsible for 80% (!!) of skin ageing? Or that Dark spots are the main reason for dermatologists consultations? Skin cancer keeps being one major problem in the world. Surely cancer rates, ageing, sunburning or dark spots can be drastically minimised with the right sun care routine. Here is how you include your sunscreen in your routine.

Yes, you have heard that promises before: I will wear sunscreen, I will mind my healthy, I will totally get a skin care routine. How many times have I said that? I feel that to rely on the power of makeup to have a skin looking fresher and healthy is not the right thing. It doesn’t do for me anymore. It is time to get serious in the skin business and I got great help and insights.

Last week Vichy and La Roche Posay held an event about their new sun care range. OMG, I have never seen or heard about so much technology for sunscreen in my life ahhahahaha. Seriously. My skin type can get sunburn and always get the tan (yes, mama!) but I do need some TLC for my skin this summer. As anybody else. Such as my hubby and baby <3

Sunscreen is to be used all day every day, despite your lifestyle.

Here are my favourite products from their sun care from Vichy 2017 range:

Do you believe they are launching a sunscreen mist to be worn over your makeup? As soon as they launch and send it from Paris, I will show you more about it.

gisella-francisca-cuidados-pele-negra-hudpleie-loreal 3



It has a clarifying effect after 28 days. Lightly coloured. A bit grey for my skin (as any sun care) but I fix it with any red pigment I have in hand basically, but better to use a bronzer or a foundation. Add a drop of liquid highlight and make that your very own everyday bb cream or foundation. That is how I include sunscreen in my routine.

Tan Optimizing Spray SPF30

Never used it and look forward to having it at the beach. It is a spray, so its easier and I get my tan? Yes, ma’am.


News from Vichy. Anti-sand technology (which I love for obvious reasons) and runs easily on the skin. I hope to use it asap.

Sensitive areas stick

I will try on my ears and as a concealer ahh hahaha, seriously how cool is concealer at the beach? 🙂

After sun oil

it is important to feed something good to the skin after sun too.

The body lotions can be used as your moisturiser when you are even a bit wet from the shower. It is a fast and doable way of including sunscreen in your routine

Get them too!


gisella-francisca-cuidados-pele-negra-hudpleie-loreal 5

My UV Patch. 

Now, this is cool. My UV Patch is a transparent adhesive that stretches and can be applied directly to any area of the skin. It measures your sun exposure and lets you know when to reapply your sunscreen. You download the app, make a profile and let it help you to #saveyourskin.


Post sun and Anthelios face lotion – it promises to not shine and I tested under makeup and loved it.

Get them here:


The change on my skin care routine:

I have been to my doctor in Brazil to get a consultation and deeper analysis on my skin. I have so many darker spots now, specially after my pregnancy. Lines and small wrinkles are a reality.She suggested products from Vichy and La Roche Posay to help minimize the dark spots, reduce the pores provide more radiance (see picture below). Bu the regions are different and these products may not apply to the market in Norway.

Then I got the Idéalia new products to try. The serum has also been mentioned by my doctor in my prescription. I am finishing my Slow Age (also from Vichy) and will start the Idealia soon. I like that the products are simple to spply, have a very light texture and smell great. I haven’t used them yet but I can rest assured tat they are good stuff. 🙂

gisella-francisca-cuidados-pele-negra-hudpleie-loreal 4

Get them here:


The products suggested by my doctor in Brazil:

gisella-francisca-cuidados-pele-negra-hudpleie-loreal 2


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