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Media is the major responsible for raising awareness of the importance of a diversity-friendly society. The fact that men outnumber women two to one on television, that women disappear almost completely after the age of 50 are an unpleasant reality that has been changing slowly.

In fashion, the lack of representation of diversity is clear. Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most respected names in the whole fashion industry is known for attacking women’s appearance and reinforcing a massacring beauty standard. “”No one wants to see curvy women,” Lagerfeld was quoted as saying on the website of news magazine Focus. Unfortunately, Karl is just saying what most of the industry thinks.

On the opposite side, there are many bloggers showing on Social Media that beauty goes beyond size or colour or ethnic. Fashion has become more inclusive and nowadays plus size models, for instance, are celebrated and seen on main fashion weeks.

During Copenhagen Fashion Week, the brand  invited ordinary Danish women to a photo shoot where they were able to have professional photos taken. One hundred and fifteen women and men participated, having their pictures taken and showing off their diverse expressions of beauty.

Brazilian bombshell Fluvia Lacerda is their model for this campaign. “I definitely think of my work as a contribution to many women’s minds to see that it is possible to be happy with who you are,” said Fluvia.

When I first met Carmakoma I was completely taken by their catwalk show in the middle of the streets in Copenhagen. See video here. They cast models of different shapes, sizes and ethnic. The collection fitted all sizes and the beauty was so edgy.

Their new spring collection is out now. It is sharp, sexy and classy. The materials are high quality. I love Carmakoma’s fit – it just embraces our curves. The suit I chose is my favourite from the collection. I felt very sexy and classy in it. And this feeling is empowering. That’s when I think a fashion brand is playing right its role of helping society into an equal future.

I set the picture at one of the buzziest stations in Oslo to show the contrasts and importance of diversity and inclusion. This is a subject I totally relate to and can share my experience. To make it short, I am a black fat girl living in Scandinavia and for more than twice I have felt misrepresented in the media and fashion around here. With this post, I hope to be fulfilling my role as a digital influencer of promoting women empowerment and new ideas on subjects relevant to society.

Use the #diversityisbeautiful to share your thoughts too.


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