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From 1st may you can buy Zizzi online in Norway (get my code for discount)

From 1st may you can buy Zizzi online in Norway (get my code for discount)


From the 1st of may, next Monday, you can buy Zizzi online in Norway. How exciting?

The norwegian online shop is launching with a lot of new styles that you do not have to wait until they hit the physical stores. And here you see my favorite pieces and get a voucher for an exclusive discount.

This is a great opportunity to snatch your favourite pieces from the collection, fast, safe and in the comfort of your sofa. Don’t you love online shopping? But, if you haven’t tried, be aware, it is highly enjoyable 🙂

When you buy online, you have a total overview of the products range, you can read honest reviews of customers like you, you don’t feel pressured to shop anything (ok, that you actually do not feel at Zizzi’s physical shops eighter). Online stores also give you freedom to compare prices.

Of course, each person has it’s own shopping habits and some would say that they would never replace physical shops with online ones. But with Zizzi, you won’t need to replace, this is just an add. You can still go to your favorite Zizzi shop, talk to your favorite assistant, have your positive shopping experience, try on the pieces and eventully buy it, or not. Your choice.

The online shop will reach more people, offer a broader products range and help you with the latest fashion trends, one click away from you.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to check out the styles available on ZIZZI.NO and selected my favorite ones.



Beautiful print, pastel blue tone, delicate frills on the sleeves, a pretty and modern option for 17 mai? You can pair with ankle boots and tights if it gets colder, or with golden or silver sandals. Why not?



636231940538485549 - X92783B_Front_,Dress_350790

The pleated details on the skirt and the print are so cool. I love this dress.


636258619111079706 - 2017-03-2147798

High waist, super slim shape and modern details and color. I want it now!


636263026609129523 - 2017-03-2748081 (1)


Flowers in pastel print. A must have of the season.



636281057175063416 - 2017-04-1148644_X92713C


Another pretty option for 17 mai, if you want to step further from lace. (Could we ever step further from lace anyways?)



636286365404267821 - 2017-04-1948865


Frills! You need to have it.


636258618253057706 - 2017-03-2147790


Delicate and effortlessly chic for 17 mai. Maybe this will be my look?



636102340843499387 - 1


MY FAVORITE shape ever. These trousers are everything!


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