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Two dresses in different styles for day time celebration: 17 may

Two dresses in different styles for day time celebration: 17 may





What to wear for a special celebration during day time? More than often I get messages asking for ideas for a party during the day. But now the doubt is mine so I picked two dresses that I find totally appropriate for the Norwegian National day. They can be styled in different ways, one of them is more statement and the other is more simple, going really well with accessories and colours. Check this out.

The Norwegian National Day is definitely a day to remember. Especially for someone like me who comes from a country where patriotism is not encouraged in society (and I got many reasons why, but the focus is the Norwegian day, not how Brazilians lack a patriotic celebration like this one).

It’s beautiful to see all the preparations, plans, all the flags around and mostly, how people dress up so early in the morning. It’s game strong. Her are two suggestions of outfits that can make your choice easier and effective.





gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi 1

This red lace dress is a pure statement by itself. Needs not much to stand out. Try with some beautiful hairdo, natural flowers can be a special touch. If you prefer, try with flat ballerina shoes. :-)


gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi 3 gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi-4

Dress from Zizzi, vintage cluth and H&M shoes (on sale!!). 



I love the blue delicate fabric in this dress. The shape is so flattering. It was calling my name! I felt a vintage vibe to it so I decided to make it more comfy and colourful with a wide golden belt and my favourite scarf covering my hair. As I have a small baby home and simply can’t function with accuracy in the mornings, to have a scarf on my hair saves a lot of time and makes my look more stylish.


gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi 6 gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi 8 gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi 5 gisella-francisca-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-daytime-party-dress-zizzi 7

Dress from Zizzi, sandals from Zara (sold out) and Hermés scarf.

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