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10 ways to be more feminist in your everyday life

10 ways to be more feminist in your everyday life

Feminism is far beyond a t-shirt. But what does it influence your everyday life? How can you be feminist? Surely that does not mean to grow hair under your arms – although you can if you want. The freedom of making choices without being judged and to have access to opportunities, equality and respect are the main points of feminism. But how does it affect or everyday life? Read more here:

I couldn’t count how many times I read the word “feminist” in a week. It has been in voga for a while now and that’s just positive, although sometimes we spot the misusage of this essential concept in advertising which is no service to the humanity at all. 

The positive side of the extended use of the word feminist in social media, for instance, is the raise of discussion in several levels. This is a good facebook page for starters. This one has good articles on motherhood and society pressure on mothers or abortion, for instance.

But do you wonder how can you practice feminism in your everyday life? Me too. But here is what has been helping me:

  • I practise sorority, by helping other women with their issues, being supportive, not judgmental and understanding.
  • I make compliments to others, try to make them feel appreciated and valued.
  • I choose to focus my compliments on character values and not so much on the looks
  • With my image and presence online I inspire other women to break free from beauty and social standards. I do answer a lot of questions so if you need to talk, just drop me a line, maybe I can help you.
  • As a mother use my wisdom as an intelligent and socially active woman to raise a respectful boy teaching him equality, kindness and mostly love for all being in life.
  • I surround myself with inspiring and powerful women that make a difference in my life or others, it can be a real friend or someone you follow online
  • In my home with my family I make sure we have equal rights and obligations, like, to clean the house, for example, is a task for all who live there, not only for the women or for the man.
  • I keep trying to positively influence my 12 yo niece to find her place in the world with self-value and respect for others. If yu can teach good feminism values for kids, the world is saved.
  • Self-love is over everything! I know my place in the world and respect my limits and vision of life. No more saying yes just to please others while I hurt myself.
  • Be a good example for others, be the change you want to see and live up to your speech to the society.


To dress the way you please is kind of rebellious in a society that is always judging others. I love this look, love the colours, the gold in my tooth, my bleached undefined hair and my big ass in the tight skirt.


Get the look here:


The tshirt is available here.


gisella-francisca-gingham-plus-size-skirt-feminist-tshirt 2 gisella-francisca-gingham-plus-size-skirt-feminist-tshirt 3 gisella-francisca-gingham-plus-size-skirt-feminist-tshirt 4 gisella-francisca-gingham-plus-size-skirt-feminist-tshirt 5

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