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My Blorange Hair and makeup

My Blorange Hair and makeup

Hey guys! I am so happy with my new hair colour. Since my hair is the one main accessory I carry all the time with me, it is also a big topic here on le blog. So let me tell you how it happened and show you my current fav makeup look that I do, using the same products in different ways, because, you know, lipstick is not just a lipstick, right?

My hair transformation has been remarkable to me. I’ve lived 3 decades with the same hair colour, almost the same hair style and after I got my baby I became a bit tired of “being all the same, all the time”. So I got invited by Redken to make the change and like, why not? Have you seen the story here and here?

And after I became warm toned blond, I became grey, as cold as the winter, it was so pretty, but so hard to keep. I used so much purple shampoo that my hair was slowly becoming lavender. Which was ok, btw. T

Then I got pink. Have you seen the vlog?It’ss so cool!

The next colour was Blorange. It is the latest trend in hair color. A type of stronger peach, kinda orange, kinda pink. Me and my hairdresser (Tonje Dahlen from Adam og Eva/Redken in Oslo has got me grey before – she is the best!) mixed the colours together. A bit of orange, a bit of pink, a lot of PH Bonder – here there is all about this amazing product – and voilá. We used the Redken city beats.

So now with my new hair, there is a whole new makeup game going on. I really love the orange, rose gold, earthy tones for my eyes. But I really don’t want to shop more makeup than I already have, probably you feel the same. So what I do is to find new usages for stuff I already got. So here is how I use lipstick for colour correction and eyeshadow for instance. I hope you like the look. Remember to subscribe and give a thumbs up to the video. Show some love.



I also made a blog out of my Instagram stories during the day I was at the hair dresser. There you can see details of how and what we did. Here is the vlog.

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