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Spread color from the inside out. And this look does it!

gisella-francisca-zizzi-rosa-print-plus-size-summer-dress 1 gisella-francisca-zizzi-rosa-print-plus-size-summer-dress 2 gisella-francisca-zizzi-rosa-print-plus-size-summer-dress 3 gisella-francisca-zizzi-rosa-print-plus-size-summer-dress 4Summer is here! There is so much relief in my words. It’s like I can now breath better. It seems a bit deep I know, but when you grow up in the tropics but adopt a winter country as the one your heart belongs to, summer has a bit more of a special meaning. And one of the meanings for me is to spread colour in from the inside out. Isn’t this outfit helping to do it?


There is so much light now. It feels so good to be now writing on a Friday night in my central-Oslo apartment, while I hear loud waves of laughter and the sound of fun. There is a sound of fun, have you notice? ok, it can get too loud sometimes, but it’s summer, it’s good, it’s healthy. The sounds, colours and mood of the summer make this city into a Nordic paradise. It is the best time of the year to say “I love Oslo”.

Life can be demanding when you immigrate from a tropical country to a totally different place, the dualities between Rio and Oslo are so contrasting that somehow they complement each other. It’s like things are so different that they compleat each other? Have you ever felt this way? Sometimes it is not so easy to see colours everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to find my bright colours inside. As it is for you, as it is for your neighbour or for my cousin for instance.

But for me, as a tired and happy mother who seeks for energy to complete all the tasks on the list, it does help to put on a colourful outfit and start the “feel good” from the outside. Like magic, my inside shine wakes up, energy comes from nowhere and suddenly life is easy again. Then I am ready to have long summer days, short nights and be again part of the wave of laughter that may be the official summer soundtrack.

This gorgeous print is from the Zizzi summer collection and it comes in this tunic dress and also in a top, that I wore here. I got it at the Zizzi Oslo City, so you cab just head there or get in online at (i love online shopping, here is why).


You can wear this dress with heels, with flat, with or without belt… the pretty print speaks for itself and makes your look feminine and bold. I just love it. What about you? Do you like better the dress or the top?



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