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Slow down!

Slow down!




Stop and take a deep breath. Shut down your thoughts for 5 minutes. It’s hard, isn’t? Ok, try 2 minutes then. I am serious. I just tried it now and guess what?

I didn’t manage. Not at first. It’s so hard to shut down all the thoughts, all the “to-do” lists in my head. All the things I want to do x all the things I actually can do.

I am suggesting that you try to calm down a little because I have been trying myself and I can see more and more people in need of doing the same. I do not mean to tell that you are too stressed to the point people are noticing or anything. I mean to make you think of how much we all need to slow down and take life more simple, easier.

After going through a hectic month, I realised my life got too serious. That’s how it is for most people in the world. Life is serious, you gotta work you gotta provide to your family, you gotta manage, keep productive and generate income. You gotta keep healthy body and soul. Gotta be vegan and yogi. Gotta be young and free. It’s so much that society builds as needs… and that’s quite f**ed up!

I So I have been trying to shut down my thoughts for some minutes every day. It’s hard. Very hard. I even downloaded an app to help me meditate. Notifications from social media on my phone didn’t allow me to focus, or my baby was waking up… there were so many interruptions that I just couldn’t. Does anybody have any tips to meditate in the middle of chaos?

Last week I went to Zizzi shop – it is actually a relaxing moment for me – and found this new blouse that just hit the stores. I found it so graceful. It was ideal for an afternoon stroll. It’s summer now. So this blouse is perfect for most of the occasions. Just try it on with skirt or jeans, it looks nice anyway.

Go out, enjoy. Remember, in summer nights it never gets late.

Got this blouse at Zizzi Oslo city, in Oslo. They have the best selection of Zizzi styles in Norway.






Outfit sponsored by Zizzi.

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  1. Det ser ut som jeg må innom Zizzi for alle tingene du viser derfra er jo så fine!

    • Thanks Luisa! They have been better and better in the trends. #fashionforall ❤


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