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All about my baby’s naming day! Plus a quick update to my thruthful motherhood diaries

All about my baby’s naming day! Plus a quick update to my thruthful motherhood diaries

It feels kind of surreal to think how fast things move. It also feels very crazy to try to make sense of all the love one can feel for a baby. Some weeks ago we had a naming day ceremony and party to celebrate baby Mikkèl and it was one of the most beautiful things ever. Here are pictures and some images of our little celebration.

We wanted to get together to celebrate the arrival of baby Mikkèl into our lives. The idea was to make a simple gathering for our family and friends in Oslo. With a small Brazilian twist, we had an amazing afternoon with great food, music, wine, fun and a lot of love for this pretty little boy. We plan to do the same with our people in Rio 🙂

I was very much in doubt of what and how to do it. We started with a beautiful ceremony at the Oslo City Hall. It was a humanist naming ceremony – since we didn’t want to involve any religion. It is a ceremony based on humanist values and includes cultural elements such as music and poetry readings. During the ceremony, the child is presented by name and the family is given a name plaque. It was such an emotional time. We really enjoyed it. Mikkèl was a bit agitated though. He can’t keep calm, he is always on the move, you know?!

Then we headed to the place we rented for the gathering. I spent a lot of time thinking of how I could please everyone, different tastes, how should I decorate, what should I serve and one day I just decided to go for what I thought it could be nice and not worry too much about the cultural differences. One thing I must add, us Brazilians we can’t make a party a simple thing. We need to make the most out of it, that’s just how we are.

Luckily I found most of the decoration at Nille – they have all we need for bringing people together. Prices are good, variety is good too. So it was just easy and simple to get almost everything in the same place. They hold a very good selection of stuff for parties so I just had to go for golden you know. ahahhaha I’m into the blings. The decoration was so pretty. I am still in love with it. Thanks, Nille. It made a difference.

I was also very into ballons. I had to make them special. So I spent almost a week preparing the ribbons, putting confetti inside each balloon. It was a lot of work and a lot of helium. Next time I will surely make it more simple. I promise.

It was a special day for us. We celebrated Mikkèl and his arrival into this world and our family. We all made best wishes for him and have our hearts loaded with love and support for him to become a good man, valuing family, friends and the simple things in life. Most of all, we are ready to support him to be the person he wants to be. <3


A little update from my motherhood diaries (here you can see more posts on my motherhood diaries – expecting nothing but the truth).

Right now I am writing from my living room table. I haven’t been able to be locked at my office working there in peace for ages now. I keep typing and trying to get those long little hands out of my keyboard. I am waiting for his father to get home after work, so I can start working myself. Honestly, I am very tired of it. Somehow it is always unfair to the woman. As a freelancer working from home, I have basically two working journeys, the one from 7h30 to 17h, being a mother, making sure my son has the best time of his life, every hour. I have to b myself, stay healthy, be a good wife, have a social life, dress properly;y, take care of my bleached hair, etc… I still manage to have my makeup on fleek every time because it is important to me to try to have a minimum trace of who I was. After 17h I can start my second journey of being a content producer for plus size fashion, a blogger, to take pictures, edit, videos, and edit.

I am extremely tired but I find energy on the small things, on his smile, all the interaction he does to us. It is really amazing to see this small person shaping his personality and learning from us.


He still sleeps in our bed. We have tried to get him to sleep in his own bed but he didn’t succeed mainly because we couldn’t insist more. It was too much screaming during the night and nobody was sleeping. We plan to try again this weekend and just keep it, no matter what. Maybe we will have to write notes to the neighbours to inform that the screaming is not mistreating of a child? 🙂


We have been adding more and more variety of food into his “menu”. In the morning he eats the porridge I make. At lunch time he eats some bread with eggs, leaver pate, or mash potatoes with ground meat or some type of risotto. He loves fruits and smoothies so I also give him good portions of them. At night we kind of repeat the lunch. He drinks water all the time and milk before he goes to bed.

I still breastfeed.


He is almost walking and speaks a few words. It is the cutest thing when he says “hi hi” right when he wakes up. He is so active, he is never doing anything. He loves this educational toys and mirrors. He is a strong boy. Some months ago he found out he could walk by pushing chairs and side tables so my furniture has no longer been into place.

The life as a mother is overall good. The is so much love in everything you do that it all makes sense somehow. But if you do not have a baby yet, be sure that nobody will ever tell you how much work it is, how tired you will get and how happy to have him you will be.


The Oslo City Hall is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. We were at the ceremony so we did not manage to take more pictures as I wanted.

But here is a video I made with my instagram. Click here to follow me.


After the ceremony, we headed to the party. Everything was so beautiful and we managed to buy everything in such short time. It was really good to find all we needed at Nille.

gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 5gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 9gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 10IMG_5159gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 7gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 818789584_10158803495920565_622495022_oIMG_5160gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 6gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 7

Then we had the most amazing cakes. The main one was from Sverre Saetre. Fancy, we were like, don’t touch it, let’s sell at Finn ahhahahahah

gisella-francisca-navnefest-nille-norge-instastories - 4


The cutest baby boy and his proud mamma.
gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 4gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 3


We went to the park for a small photoshoot with this cutie in the day after. We wanted to get some proper pictures of him so we can save the moments forever. And use the balloons, I mean, I had so much work with them…

gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 1gisella-francisca-baptism-navnefest-oslo-gutt 2

I want to thank everybody that contributed for Mikkèls day to be amazing. Especially his grandparents and Nille who sponsored the decor for us. The balloons were bought online at festutstyr and the helium bottle at theballoomcompany.no (we paid a lot for the bottle and didn’t use half of it). The best is indeed to get the helium bottle at Nille that fills around 40 regular balloons. I wish we had done that though.

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