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Like a Parisian: the très chic flower print to be styled in three ways

Romantic, edgy with Parisian vibes. That’s how I would define this look if you asked me. It is so good to see how this brand has been bringing younger and updated styles for the plus size market. I am proud to work with them and feeling so cute and trendy in this look. There is more you can do with the key piece in the look: the floral print plus size skirt. Check this out.

This look turned out to become one of my favourites I wore lately. It inspires me to wear it in different ways, to make it a bit more modern than it already is.

The skirt is the star. The flower print is a winner, I love the colours, they are quite flattering for most skin tones and that makes it a potential best seller. It runs a bit large in the size, I sized it down two sizes to achieve a waist-shaped silhouette. The skirt, as well as the dress and the bomber jacket with the same print, are available in stores and online now.

Here you find the skirt, here the dress and here, the bomber jacket. The direct links to the pieces I am wearing you find below.


gisella-francisca-plus-size-autumn-flower-print-zizzi 3gisella-francisca-plus-size-autumn-flower-print-zizzi 4


Other than styling the skirt with a feminine and romantic top, I like to make the look a bit “harder” with a biker faux letter jacket. I can also see (in my mind) that this skirt will look super nice with a fun t-shirt, with some type of vintage logo for instance and a denim jacket or a hoodie. I’ve got the pieces already planned for my next look.

If you go to one of the Zizzi shops, the consultants in the store will help you to find the best piece to suit your style and flatter your curves.

How would you wear this look?







gisella-francisca-plus-size-autumn-flower-print-zizzi 5 gisella-francisca-plus-size-autumn-flower-print-zizzi 6 gisella-francisca-plus-size-autumn-flower-print-zizzi 7



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