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Beauty review: Top 5 favourites products after summer

Short as in Scandinavia or long as in the tropics, summers are the best. But sometimes not the best for our hair or skin. I have been using a lot of time searching and testing products that will help me to dimish the damages on my hair and skin that may have been caused by sea and the sun. That’s how it goes, you can’t avoid the fun things in life just because they may do some bad to hair and skin. But you can certainly get help from good products to fix it afterwards. Here I share my current favourites.


gisella-francisca-top-5-beauty-products-august-2017 4

Emma S. skincare

Get the products here:

Emma S. is a Swedish skincare brand which is owned and run by the founders Emma Wiklund and Nora Larssen. Their ambition was to create a skincare line with effective and affordable products that truly gives visible results. All product formulas are unique to Emma S. and the formulas and the ingredients are chosen with great care.

I have been really happy with the results of the products. Their makeup remover (the blue bottle that got a bit blur in my picture) is one of the bests I have tried because it does not feel harsh on the skin as several micellar waters in the market do. I wear makeup every day and for me, it is important to have a product that is truly gentle to my skin and does the service of removing all the layers of makeup I put on, and this one surely does what it says.

After the removing my makeup I use the cleansing foam and then the Jasmine Facial Toner. Then the Moisturizing Serum to feed my skin with the good stuff and the Facial mask twice a week. This overnight mask does wonders. It clearly helps to reduce the fine lines and give a natural glow to my face.

This is a very good brand that I highly recommend for all skin types. Even for me, with combination skin. Their products are affordable, package in simple and effective and the formulas are gentle and good for our skin.


gisella-francisca-top-5-beauty-products-august-2017 3



Hair food! It’s no secret that my hair has been at it’s driest and unhealthiest since I bleached it so many times. I am more than challenged to keep it moist, nutritious, and also to keep the colour shiny as the first days fresh out of the salon. The two products on the picture are the ones that have been helping me for the last month. So far I am happy with the results. I ain’t super impressed but they are fairly good. But I do love the packaging cause it looks great on the shelf and I love the smell. the texture is not so rich as I think my hair needs.

According to Keune’s page, “Satin Oil, the beauty phenomenon that visibly improves your hair’s quality without adding grease or weight. Each individual strand is nourished from the inside out with three different types of oil”. Does it do the job? Yes and no. My hair needs much more oil than the products provide. But if your hair is not too dry and you can’t have anything heavy on it, this product may be for you.

Get the products here:

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Wrap it in love!

It is easier to damage and break the hair when it is wet and vulnerable. To wrap it tightly in a towel after washing can be amazingly bad for our hair, it can cause much more frizz, split ends and overall breakage. But with this bamboo hair towel, I feel that my hair has less frizz than usual. Besides, there is nothing more practical than using this head wrap after showering. It is so soft! I just loved it. I also use it over a plastic cap when I do hair masks.

MellyMoon makes this great head wrap towel and also the silk pillow case that I use every day.



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Weleda is one of my favourite organic brands. They have great products for all the family. I used their oils while I was pregnant, I use their baby oil and cream on Mikkèl and have been totally into these Wild Rose body wash an 7 day face oil treatment. It visibly reduced my fine lines and made the tone a bit more even. It is a very light oil so it does not leave my face greasy in the morning. If you love organic and high-quality products, you should try these new options from Weleda. I will def get me a new box of the oils.

Get the products here:



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Korres’ new Olympus Tea cleansers

Winner stuff! Seriously, they are sooo good. The 3 in 1 emulsion that cleanses, tones, removes make-up from face and eyes. Like, you don’t have to have cleansers for all steps, you can just use one thing. They are been helping me on the days I have less time for a “me time”. Cleansing cream and foam. Both are very delicate, boosted with natural ingredients and full of C vitamins. I mean, it’s Korres so we know its good!

Get the products here:

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