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Ready for kindergarten

Ready for kindergarten


It’s time to start kindergarten. I have the feeling time is flying too fast. My baby is more like a boy now and it’s time for him to hit another phase of his life. Some say it is too early, some say it’s good for him. The real feeling remains to be discovered. But one thing is right, we got to make ourselves ready. Grab the pre school essentials and get that baby good to go. Here are my findings of outfits baby Mikkèl will be wearing.


It’s so much to do. Endless to do lists, hundreds of items to remember, several places to go to, things you don’t find here, things only available there… one can get tired and stressed with all the tasks and feelings involved in this time of life. Come on, we are handing our priceless treasure in hand of someone he has never seen before. With so much in mind, the best is to find everything we need at one place only.

So I headed to Lindex because I know they have a good selection for kids. Not only good in quality and variety, but the style is so cool and prices quite affordable. We found clothes and accessories for diverse occasions and I do recommend you give their clothes a try.

I use their stuff for Mikkèl since he was born. Kids clothes get really dirty and when I wash the pieces from Lindex, they stay the same. Colors don’t run (except stated in the tag), the fit doesn’t loosen up. It’s just good. I try to dress my boy in clothes that are comfortable for him and have fabrics that do not cause any allergy. Of course, design and coolness are important, but quality and comfort come first.

The first days at the kindergarten will be exciting. And equally challenging. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from the first days, but we are ready. Mikkèl is a happy and social boy so I am sure we will do fine in the long term. At least he will be looking stylish in the first days, don’t you think?

Here is what I found at Lindex. Shoppable link under each look.


gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 8

AC/DC t-shirt available here / denim pants available here

gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 7


gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 5


Bomber Overall available here

gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 6


gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 3

Beige body available here / Jogger pants available here / Bib available here / backpack available here

gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 4


gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 2

Fix functional pants available here / Rain Jacket available here / Rain boots available here / Rain hat available here / Rain Mittens available here 


gisella-francisca-kindegarden-start-lindex 1



*The clothes have been sponsored by Lindex with no strings attached to my opinion or the post itself.



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