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1 tshirt, 2 bloggers, 3 looks and the funniest story. Check this out!

1 tshirt, 2 bloggers, 3 looks and the funniest story. Check this out!

This is funny. I was writing this post, telling you about all the changes the brand has been going through, how proud I am to work with them and all the cool styles they are bringing (you can click here and see a lot of stuff that is coming in the next weeks). But when I wore this look, especially the Tshirt, I reminded of such a funny story that I have to tell you about. Also, me and Saskia from The Curvy Chapter talked about posting together our outfits with this tee and guess what happened?


My husband and I made a trip to São Paulo to get hang out with my friends there. We booked a super nice suite in the nicest hotel – we were feeling special ahahahhaaa. We had such a great time. Did I say I love São Paulo? I do. We woke up in the morning, hit the gym, then we went for breakfast and spend a couple of hours there. One of the best parts of vacation is to have a long breakfast with fancy poached eggs and all sorts of treats, from fresh juices to financiers (i think the name in French is so fancy ahahahahha).

After the rich breakfast I went up to change and go out, and my husband knew that it would take a while with my makeup (he is a smart man). So he went downstairs to the bar and started talking with some people. It was like 4 random guys, also guests in the hotel, they laughed, had a great time, talked about the plans for the trip and asked if he wanted to take me on a date at the Kiss concert that would be happening on the same night.

My husband said, oh, we got a table at the Alex Atala restaurant, we can’t go. Well, it is not like we are fans of Kiss anyways. They can be kinda boring, right? They laughed so hard and loud, my husband was like, yeah I know. never liked them but I do respect the musicians and their importance in the rock history.

They guys said that they had extra tickets for the super VIP area, if we wanted to go, they would have the hotel crowd to leave the tickets at our suit. And they did.

So we went out and walked in the area a little and I see a lot of people screaming around a guy and the head of security happened to be my friend from Rio. I go to him and ask who is this and the guy says, oh, he is Eric Carr, from Kiss. When I look to the side I see my husband shaking hands and asking if the guy has eaten the cheese bread he suggested. Then he comes and says this is my wife, Gisella this is one of the guys I talked about, we are at the same hotel.

I was like, what? Heeiii, how are you? Are you excited for tonight? My husband asks if I knew he mentioned a concert with Kiss, and I was yes, of course, He is Kiss, right? My husband blushed sooooo bad, the guy couldn’t stop laughing. It as so funny. Eric said he loves to meet people that have no clue of who they are so they get this genuine contact and he loved my husband (who doesn’t? <3 )


Our looks:

Saskia from The Curvy Chapter and I got the same Tshirt from Zizzi. So we agreed to take pictures and post the looks in each other’s blogs. It would be a way of showing different stylings of the same pieces. I like working with other bloggers in this sense. it is so enriching for the public, the brand and fun for us 🙂

But look what happened! We ended up with similar looks without even talking a little about it. I love that we thought so similar. Still, the outfits are different and I love how the same clothes can look so diverse in different people.

I made two looks with the same tee and skirt. I wanted to show how you can create styles for different occasions. With Saskia’s look we have now 3 suggestions for you to style the same tshirt.


Saskia’s styling:

Tshirt from Zizzi / skirt H&M and shoes, bag & coat from Primark.

IMG_9976 IMG_9940 IMG_9935


My styling:

All clothes and belt from Zizzi. Shoes from Unisa and Adidas.

Get the look here:


gisella-francisca-rock-tshirt-leather-skirt-plus-size-animal-print-coat 3 gisella-francisca-rock-tshirt-leather-skirt-plus-size-animal-print-coat 4 gisella-francisca-rock-tshirt-leather-skirt-plus-size-animal-print-coat 5 gisella-francisca-rock-tshirt-leather-skirt-plus-size-oversized-denim-jacket 1 gisella-francisca-rock-tshirt-leather-skirt-plus-size-oversized-denim-jacket 2

The clothes I am wearing have been sponsored by Zizzi, opinions are always my own. 🙂

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