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The red coat: a strong fall trend in larger sizes

The red coat: a strong fall trend in larger sizes

Red is one of the strongest colour trends of this season. It can make your outfit stand out and brighten up a dark fall day. I have been looking for a red warm coat everywhere and finally, I found it at an affordable price and, mostly, in my size! So I put together a colourful, trendy and cool look that may inspire you to this colours, trends and try a new look this season. Check it out.

In collaboration with KappAhl, I would pick an outfit to wear in this season. The idea is to promote XLNT – their plus size line that has been increasingly offering stylish and good quality pieces for affordable prices. I loved the idea since I have known and worn the brand for a while now. They have more than 400 shops, a strong branding and, most important, a conscious social and environmental responsibility policy. So, yes, a good partner to collab with according to my values and vision.


gisella-francisca-red-fall-coat-lavender-trend-plus-size-xlnt-kappahl 4


More than promoting the Plus Size line, what we are doing here is to show that fashion and style come from diversity and inclusion. Also, by picking clothes from all around the shop, I am encouraging you to go a little out of the box and dress what you like (and what fits you) more than sticking to a corner or an area only.


The skirt is size Large from their regular line. I wanted to wear it because it is super cute and it fitted me. In the future, that’s how I want to behave everywhere I shop. Find this pretty plissè skirt here.

The viscose blouse in lavender is so comfortable. I like that the colour is super trendy now and helps to pop any outfit you put together. It goes well, of course, with jeans and also with you every day black pants. If you think a full coloured outfit may be too much for you, try adding a colourful piece little by little, this blouse is a perfect start. You can find it here.

The coat is a must-have of the season. I am truly happy it comes in larger sizes too. Thanks, Kappahl! It is warm, super cosy and easy to wear. Jeans and white shirt, plus this coat and you are work-ready. Change your flats to pumps, add red lipstick and you are ready to party. Can you tell how much I love this piece? You can find it here.



—– The outfit has been sponsored by Kapphal for this AD/post. Opinions are my own, of course :-)

gisella-francisca-red-fall-coat-lavender-trend-plus-size-xlnt-kappahl 1 gisella-francisca-red-fall-coat-lavender-trend-plus-size-xlnt-kappahl 2 gisella-francisca-red-fall-coat-lavender-trend-plus-size-xlnt-kappahl 3


The makeup!

For this look I chose a rose gold eye look with red bold lips. I actually don’t choose red lips, they are just part of me. :-)

You can get the look here:

And learn how I did it here.

gisella-francisca-red-fall-coat-lavender-trend-plus-size-xlnt-kappahl 5



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