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Easy smokey eye: new video tutorial and review

Easy smokey eye: new video tutorial and review

This natural smokey eye is a go-to for every occasion. It is surely one good look to learn and try yourself. Use the same colours for a neutral brown warm look that suits everyone. Or try adding some colours to make it your own. In the video, I am trying for the first time products from E.L.F Cosmetics. Check this out!


A month ago I received some products from E.L.F Cosmetics to try and see if I liked it. And if I did, I’d make a review for you here. The brand aims to provide quality makeup and skin care at affordable prices. On their Norwegian website they say that they provide complete lines, professional brushes and good quality stuff at great prices, so everybody can use. Their idea is to empower women so beauty can come from the inside. With this in my mind, I thought that it would be good to review the products. We got similar messages in our speeches, so, why not?

Let’s go straight to the point. I got the matte eyeshadow palette and think it is very very good. The price is great, pigmentation fair enough, blends well and the colour combinations suit everybody. If I had bought it I’d be happy because it is quite affordable ad eyeshadows are, as I said, fair enough. I’d like to try the shimmery colours tho.

The Illuminating palette: even better price. I think it may do wonders to lighter skin but to mine, it wasn’t so great. But I have to say that I am a bit extra when it comes to highlighters. If you like them a bit more discrete, go for this one.

The day to night duo lipsticks in Nude: Good texture, pigmentation and price. the idea is great – two shades in one pack. Easy to carry in the bag. Nice color but did not do anything for me.

Lipliner and blending brush. I loved the brush. The liner itself is ok but as I said, the nude color was not for me. I had to add a bolder lipstick to make it work as an ombre look. Then I liked it.



I tested the Eye pads treatment and the bobble face mask. Both products are just great. The texture, smell and fast results make me to strongly recommend them in case you are looking for fast response treatments that will help regenerate your skin.



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