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3 key looks for Fall – Gisella Francisca x KappAhl

Women are versatile and multitasking. For example, we are able to talk on the phone, type a message to someone else while thinking of a third subject. This is our everyday life. We are blessed with a brain and instinct that is always ready for anything that comes our way. And this is how I think my wardrobe should be: suitable and ready for any occasion without too much effort. A wardrobe that can transit from work to a date, on the same day. Because we are all women, regardless size, skin colour, lifestyle and beliefs. If you feel me, this video is for you. Check it out.


XLNT (or Excellent), the plus size line from KappAhl is turning 20 years. To celebrate the occasion we partnered and created this beautiful video and show you some of my favourite looks for this fall (direct links to the products, below).

When working on this material, my mindset was to celebrate women and our versatileness, our abilities to handle different things at the same time, the fact that we are at the same time, mothers, daughters, friends, professionals, doctors, children, psychologists, entertainers, you name it. But mostly, the idea is to celebrate ourselves with hearts and instincts that makes us so many women in one.

Kappahl’s XLNT has clothes for all types of women, regardless style. You will always find something that suits you.

Play the video and see my selection of 3 looks that followed one day in my life. Which one is your favourite?


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Casual look:

Jeans with side zipper / Lace body suit / Red sweater / printed boots / Earrings from Miss Mathiesen



Look for a meeting (and maybe an after-work gathering, why not?):

Faux leather leggings / Long shirt / blazer / shoes from personal archive, similar here



Velvet dress / Earrings / Socks / Sandals




Styling: Gisella Francisca and Sissel Skaugen

Video and pictures: Anja from Girl Crush

Beauty: Monica Fayad

The video was shot in a pretty apartment in Frogner, Oslo. It is one of the properties has for sale.


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