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Dry skin and hair? Here is what has been saving me

This time of the year is pretty. Leaves getting yellow and red before they fall, things just getting cosy and there is an overall feeling of warmness, although the weather gets colder and colder. Hair and skin take the toll for sure. Dryness takes over and before you know, its time for an emergency call. But you don’t need to get there. Here is the stuff that has been saving my skin and hair this fall.


I am beyond happy and thankful to all the best wishes I got from you guys on my bday (and in general). Even virtually, it's possible to feel the love - because that's the most powerful thing on earth! Love always wins! Thanks guys! Look at the flowers! Pretty birthday gift from a friend who is a gift herself. And look at my new hair color! It is @jekaterina.beresneva for @matrix - nailing it again and again! One happy girl, I am! Have a weekend y'all! #gisellafrancisca #mycolorfulhair #feelingloved #tgifridays #octoberbaby #10102017

skin and hair on fleek


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Biolage R.A.W. is a range of feel-good, look-good, do-good hair care. Has 70-100% natural-origin products in the composition. looks like food and it is actually food for your hair. I have been using the nourishing line and it is definitely one of the best products I have ever used. Seriously. The Curl Defining styling butter is the best curl definer ever. It does not weigh my hair down and it gives a pretty day after.

The clay mask is dense and extremely moisturizing. You need just a little. Shampoo and conditioner are good too, but the clay mask and the styling butter are THE BEST!

I wash my hair twice a week in this season and at least one of the times I use R.A.W.

Get them products here:



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Mr. Smith  –  Australian made hair care products crafted from a selection of botanicals and essential oils. Innovative use of organic passionflower, kakadu plum and frankincense, combined with rose geranium, macadamia oil and açaí berry.

I’ve been using for some weeks and it performs really well on my curls. Funny because I thought it was a little “too aesthetic-oriented” for my taste. But I do love the design of the packaging and mostly, the products itself.

They can only be bought in songs and they are coming to Norway now. Here you can see the selection and find your favourite.

I tested the balancing shampoo, the mas and the styling cream and I think they are kind to the hair, high quality and you don’t need much to get a good result.



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It’s a very known and respected brand and I was happy to test their products for curly hair. Like, finally they made it, right? Shampoo and conditioner and gentle on the hair, like a kind touch on my curls. I liked the effect. Due to all the good things we hear about the worldwide famous Morrocan Oil, I think it is worth a try and see how it behaves on your hair. For me, it was quite average.

But the Intense Curl Cream is a must. It is quite rich so you gotta be careful if you don’t want to get the volume down too much. I use it as a second-day cream and make sure I always use the blow drier with a diffuser. It is wonderful. make such beautiful and long-lasting curls.



gisella-francisca-skin-hair-care-nov17 11

Let’s talk body! These babies are true saviours. The shower oil is one good product that makes the better skin start in the shower. Then the milk concentrate and the ultra-rich body cream do the magic. I like the body cream to be used in the morning cause it holds a lot. Great to use it before go to work. The milk – smells amaxing btw – is great as a night care. I can’t get enough of them.



gisella-francisca-skin-hair-care-nov17 5

These two are making my bathroom fancier and my hands much less dry. The perfect duo, great Xmas gift – you can give them to me all year round tho. I love the smell, the texture and the effect/feeling on using them. Pamper yourself or who you love!


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