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Skincare Video: deep cleaning is the best!

As you may have noticed, I am a makeup lover. Proud and active. <3 But even more important than wearing makeup if you love it, cleaning your skin is the best thing you do for yourself every night.

Here I show how I have been taking good care of my skin right before bedtime.



Get the products here:


🎥 PLAY 🎥 kicking off this week with a deep cleansing. It is important to “reset” your skin every end of day. These are my current favorite cleansers that do a amazing job on removing makeup and impurities every night – #precleansebalm and #specialcleansinggel from @dermalogica_norway . After the cleansing, I choose the skincare products depending on my needs that day. I have been using the #eauginseng lotion from @erborian and before it dries I apply my night cream. Lately I’ve been getting great results in the morning after overnighting with @dermalogica #skinhydratingmasque 👏🏾 #eyepatch from @masquebarnorge are very effective and affordable. ✌🏾 DO YOU remember to give your skin a good cleanser? 💆🏾💖 #skincareroutine #skincarevideo #hudvård #hudpleie #dermalogica #ad #erborian #masquebar

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