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Party season in a budget: 3 looks to inspire







This time of the year is so exciting. So much to look forward to – Christmas and new years eve, celebrations with family and friends. One can get a busy party schedule isn’t? The best is to be prepared for whatever events are coming. From the most formal to the informal ones, all we want is to be on the top of our game. And we all are entitled to step up our styling and add a little bit more “bling” to everything. 

During the party season, I have been doing a series of styling that may help you to find your perfect outfit (and repeat it at different parties, or get a new one – up to you). I came with suggestions that will suit all budgets and different tastes.

So I have been to KappAhl and went to the shop to find my favourite looks. I was not attached to the plus size area only so that the clothes can fit everyone. Isn’t that the best? There is always something there for you. Good quality, affordable prices and nice styling – that’s one of the reasons I like collaborating with KappAhl.

Here are my favourites available in stores and online now: 


Oversized blazer, faux leather pants and metallic top – I really love this look. It has a genderless modern vibe to it and I think it can look good in anyone. The blazer has been my current favourite piece as I have been just wearing it almost every day. The trousers are easy to style for an everyday look too. Same with the blouse that looks great also with jeans. I’d say this look is a good investment when it comes to building a long-lasting stylish-wardrobe.

Pants / Blazer / Blouse / Gloves from Accessorize

gisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size 1_bloggisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size_blog gisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size 2_blog


This sequin dress screams party! I love how it “hugs” my curves. It is comfortable to have on, really flattering and has a great price. A pretty statement piece that will make it simple for you to dress up, as you don’t need much to make it pop up! Try with the oversized blazer above to complete the look, if you like it.

Sequin dress available here



gisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size 5_blog gisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size 6_blog


Did we say curves? This dress is Baaaam! I am amazed by the colour of it. It is from the regular line – not meant to plus sizes but I am wearing the XL. Glittery and bodycon. It is a must-have if you want to cause an impact. To cover up a bit more, the blazer above and a pair of stocking complete the look.

Blue glittery dress available here



gisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size 8_bloggisella-francisca-party-style-kappahl-plus-size 7_blog


I hope these looks will inspire you to dress more the way you want and feel like doing and less how people think you should. Your body is yours only, only you should have an opinion about it and it must be a good one – “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” (quoting RuPaul here).


Clothes have been sponsored by Kappahl for this post. Opinions are my own, as usual, and my own styling too. 🙂

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