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The normality of things – and how I am slowly managing to deal with routine

The normality of things – and how I am slowly managing to deal with routine




For a long time, I considered having a routine a negative part of my life. My goal was to not have a routine, to have a kinda deviant life. I guess that must have been part of my younger slightly immature mindset. But did I work for change things? Then I managed to create my own lifestyle with no routine and no boring days. It lasted for a while. Until the time I missed normality. I wanted my routine in place. Here is how it goes. 

There is a lot of new followers and readers that may not know much about me, but here is the long story short: I was born and raised in Rio, Brasil. Separated parents, superwoman feminist strong mother taught me it is a men’s world but there is nothing women with inner power can’t do. Lived with my mother as a child until 13 yo. Moved in with my father and his wife until the age of 19 – when I came back from my time in London. Then I knew I needed to “blow that pop stand”, so I left their apartment to rent my own paying with my own money. I’ve worked since I was 15 yo, so I know where the money comes from and I work hard for it.

I always knew I wanted to be a journalist and studied 4 years for it. Then I studied more and specialized in Brand Strategy. Worked with fashion communication, visual merchandising, PR and even held a super boring position as administrative assistant for HR in an international company while I was getting my bachelor degree. I’ve been everywhere, see?

While I was working for a fashion chain in Brasil – doing visual merchandising in a team with my best friend – a headhunter approached me and invited to a recruitment process for an international company. Great money, healthy and dental insurance, life insurance, extra money for lunch, extra money for the market, status, travelling, extra money for this, extra money for that. I had to take the chance. I needed stability to keep my 3 bedroom apartment near the forest in Rio. That apartment was my favourite thing on earth, my safe place, my heaven and hell, I loved it so much. Some of the best times of my life were spent there.

Ended up I got a high-level position at this respected Norwegian Company. I was supposed to manage the brand for the whole South America. Started really well and after 5 years I couldn’t do it anymore. I hated to be stuck there. I felt I was getting dumb. My creativity was fading and I couldn’t accept the fate of being a corporate unhappy profile, although corporate success has crossed my mind and been part of my reality for a while.

I guess part of the unhappyness was due to the fact I had already my blog and it was growing. I studied photography, trends forecast, was hanging out with multidisciplinary people, from photographers to fashion designers, scandinavian bloggers, I just couldnt keep doind what I was doing there in Brasil atm.

Then I found a job to have a similar position in Norway. For me that was amazing, a huge step up in my carreer and finally a good oportunity of growing my creative profile internationally. I took the challenge and moved to Oslo. That was almost 4 years ago. My contract with the company finished and my blog grew more and more. To the point I went freelancer. Less money, happier days.

When I look back I see that I actually overcame my plans for the future. I went much further. I am so proud of me.

But something was still not in place. The lack of routine, the whole amount of travelling I was doing was no longer making me happy, was getting me away from my husband and delaying our family to be.

Then I realized the lack of routine, the defiant unusual lifestyle was actually damaging my emotions. I needed more stability. And that feeling was just growing in me, together with the baby I found out I was expecting.

So now I have a regular job, where I work about 4 days a week, my son goes to kindergarten, my husband has his job, we make dinner together, I am still a blogger and won’t stop doing what I love, we get more and more close to what I think a normal family is. We are even looking for a car. I learned how to drive around 20 years ago and I am a great driver. Bt living in the city with good transportations system made me to think I had no need to get my own car.

But things change, the winter comes and now we like, need a car! Really. Especially after getting the chance of keeping one for some weeks to try it. We both love the new Ford Fiesta. It just matches our little peculiar family. I can just fit everything there and drive to my photoshoots, it is super comfortable to drive, has a good space inside. It is super fuel efficient too. I think it looks quite good inside and out. It is a type of fashion car if I can say so.

One separate paragraph for the sound system in the car. Seriously? Music is a huuuge part of my day  and the car sound was designed by Bang & Olufsen. WOW! It is automatic so it is quite easy to drive and it has a camera that helps to park. Believe me, I’m not the one who has trouble to park in the family ahahahahhaa. I found it quite convenient that the system also comes ith Apple Car Play. So it is like driving my iphone.

Don’t I look like a boss lady with the car? Wanna grab a coffee? Ok, but I’m driving. 🙂


gisella-francisca-ford-fiest-fromrunwaytohighway 1


The car is not mine yet tho, thanks Ford Norge for letting me borrow it and test it. I think I’d rather keep it cause it’s now part of my family and my new normality! hehehheee

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