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Talking “All types of beautiful” on Stella magazine for sale all over Norway

Talking “All types of beautiful” on Stella magazine for sale all over Norway

In this month’s Stella magazine I talk on “all types of beautiful” and how the society deals with beauty standards, inclusion, diversity and how it is to be a fat black blogger in a mostly white skinny country. This transparent article comes in a great timing considering what happened to the Uperfektepiker when they excluded me for being “Too Different”.

A lot of people know my work as a blogger who promotes on Social Media diversity and freedom of being how and who you want to be. But it is unique to have an opportunity to speak to the media about how I relate to the environment where I live and work. How I perceive the society’s relationship to beauty standards and the real inclusion of diversity and minorities.

I was interviewed by the amazing Maja Hattvang. I haven’t met her in person before we met for the interview but I have always wanted to meet and talk to her. As a journalist myself, I find Maja’s writing impeccable, sensitive and very interesting. Her narrative is catchy in a way that I want to be her friend. 🙂

The article was illustrated with pictures taken by Anna Valeur. I became a fan right away after having a look at her work with so many interesting motives and people. Her colours and lights are to die for. You should check out her stuff.

For me, it is great to be talking my own truth in a big magazine as Stella. It is a recognition. But the best part was to be “captured” with my true colours, both from Maja’s words and from Anne’s lenses.


gisella-francisca-beauty-standards-norway-stella-annevaleur 2



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