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The dream of the natural glow: skin care with benefits

The dream of the natural glow: skin care with benefits

“The holy grail”, “can’t live without it”, “skin brighter than my future”, “major glow”. I have read and heard so much about the skin care products from Ole Henriksen. After last week’s event, when I finally met him in person, I got even more inspired to try. Ole is energetic, humble and finds inspiration in nature and people. His skincare line seems to up your #bathleisure game. Check this out.

Last Monday Ole Henriksen himself visited Oslo for a press event with influencers and journalists from the Norwegian beauty industry, It was a beautiful night with a lot of interesting people. We got to learn about the products, inspirations and we laughed a lot at Ole and his stories. I was happy to have been invited to be part of it.



The pictures above are from @akam1k3 for Spalt PR Oslo.


The products I will test:

gisella-francisca-how-to-get-glowy-natural-skin-anti-age-ole-henriksen 1

gisella-francisca-how-to-get-glowy-natural-skin-anti-age-ole-henriksen 2


I have heard so much about the “Truth” range that I can’t wait to include these products in my routine. Just need to finish my current ones first.


Truth Moisturizing Cream – When creating this crème, Ole wanted to ensure that the skin remains properly hydrated—beyond initial application. The hydration delivery system in this crème is designed to release continuous moisture over the course of the day. infuses skin with multiple sources of continuous hydration throughout the day as it brightens, firms and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. With vitamin C and tri-peptide-5, this age-defying crème works overtime to keep skin moisturized for a soft, supple and youthfully radiant #OleGlow!

Truth Serum – Brightens, firms, fights visible signs of ageing and delivers all-day hydration. It is like a daily multivitamin for the skin and Ole Henriksen’s #1 age-defying serum. Supercharged with True-C Complex™ and collagen, this potent vitamin c collagen serum helps brighten and firm the skin as it delivers all-day hydration.

Ole said that after meeting two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and learning about his research on the effects of vitamin C on the immune system, he wanted to incorporate this “free radical scavenger” into his skincare philosophy. The brand was one of the first brands to use vitamin C.

Banana Bright Eye Cream – Wake up before you make up! Inspired by the makeup artist must-have—“banana powder”—this sunny yellow crème contains special pigments to instantly brighten and colour-correct the eye area. But that’s not all: It creates a smooth, well-rested canvas and is proven to improve concealer wear.

Face the Truth Gel Cleanser – A hardworking formula that does it all at once—a rigorous cleansing action removes dirt, oil and impurities. It is a versatile, concentrated deep gel facial cleanser for all skin types.

As one of Ole’s favourites, this cleanser is like happiness in a bottle with its exhilarating scent, cheery colour and smooth texture. Ole originally called this product the On The Go Cleanser because it “does it all” and is perfectly suited for busy people.


gisella-francisca-how-to-get-glowy-natural-skin-anti-age-ole-henriksen 3


gisella-francisca-how-to-get-glowy-natural-skin-anti-age-ole-henriksen 4


The 3 makeup wonders. A kit that contains the tube and the two small creams. Also comes with this white cloth to help on the cleansing. I added the pack with Facial Tissues.

Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer. Hydrates, evens skin tone, smoothes skin texture and helps improve the look of dark spots and discolouration. Gets better results if used with the Truth Serum.

Wonderfeel double cleanser: Gently removes longwear and waterproof makeup, deeply cleanses and hydrates. Wonderfeel Double Cleanser is silky soft and lightweight comes in a tube so it’s easy to dispense, and has an addictive blackcurrant scent. It transforms makeup removal and cleansing into an all-encompassing one-step spa ritual.



Have you ever tried anything from Ole Henriksen? Let me know what you think.


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