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Back to work! 1 jeans – 2 fun looks to get over the end-of-summer blues

1 jeans 2 looks: trendy styling to add colors to colder days

1 jeans 2 looks: trendy styling to add colors to colder days

Colors are such a big part of my day. As well as a good pair of jeans! I can’t bear to not have happy shades popping around me. Flowers, home decor, makeup, anything goes. But what really brightens up my day is to be wearing colours on my outfit, without using too much time on it. Everything has to be practical and has to suit my busy days. Colors represent how I truly am, and I do feel that cold days call for vivid hues. It can help us to improve our perception of the winter mood. It does help me.

Here I share some tips on how to add bright hues to cold days. I am wearing my current favorite pair of jeans – I’d say they have been on everydy since I got it. ahahhaha. Check this out.

(this post is a collaboration with Kappahl – clothes belong to Kappahl and a few pieces were sponsored)

A pair of good jeans is one of your best friends. It is incredibly practical, and necessary all year round. When I was living in Rio I barely wore jeans, ever. But here in Oslo, I found out the power of good jeans.

I must add that it ain’t the easiest task to find the perfect fit for my size. But some brads master the plus size jeans and Kappahl is one of my favourites when it comes to price and quality. I like jeans that are easy to combine, have subtle details and suit any type of outfit. This pair is coming in stores soon. Here you can check out Kappahl’s selection of jeans in larger sizes.

Important to note that I use clothes from both the plus size and regular lines. My motto is to expand my possibilities and not to be labelled and to restrict myself to one corner of the shop. Just try things on and see what works for you.

I try to keep away from the combo jeans + black or grey sweater whenever I can. To add colours to your outfit can be challenging both because you may not be used to it, but also because sometimes you don’t really want to stand out in the crowd that much. But not to worry, these tips will help you to find balance and make colourful looks, your own.

Solid colours in layers: One good and safe way to brightening up your wardrobe is to invest in classic pieces like blazers and sweaters in colourful version. Matching different gues of the same colour is also cool and effortless.

In this look, I chose this cool red blazer for a classic cut in bright shade. Red is trendy now but it’s a colour that never goes out of style. Polka dots are cute and also very trendy now. This tee will follow me into the summer too. The pastel ashy pink coat has a good quality, nice lining and comfy to hve on. Make sure you get yourself one because the shade is perfect for the spring. Pink earrings also from kappahl –  available here!


The pair of jeans is this one!
Gisella__001_blog Gisella__002_blog Gisella__003_blog Gisella__004_blog


Red blazer available here / Polka dots t-shirt available her / Earrings available here / Pastel Pink coat / jeans here


Classics + a bright colour: The classic beige trench coat is a must-have. Any season, any occasion, anywhere. It is a winner. Paired with the classic checked blazer, the combo becomes super trendy and super classy. But it does need a hint of colour. And right now you won’t find any prettier shade than this green to add up to your whole outfit. The sweater is one of my favourite pieces from the Limited Edition collection. I also loved this stripped scarf that has a great price and looks so good.

Colorful accessories are also a great and fun way to add colours to your look. Try scarfs, bags and colourful boots to an instant pimp.



Gisella__005_blog Gisella__006_blog


Sweater available here / earring available here / Checked blazer available here / Scarf available here / Trench Coat here


Photography by talented art photographer Dag Knudsen

Styling & beauty by Me

A little note: I started my modelling and styling career with an art photographer and for this reason, I am so pleased to work with Dag. His commercial and artwork within fashion has been featured in magazines like Vogue and he is now preparing to Exhibit at Moma in New York.

I see this as a contribution to the plus size fashion industry towards a future of fewer labels and more fashion inclusion. Fashion and art are for everyone.



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