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New webserie: The summer-body madness

New webserie: The summer-body madness

Every summer is the same thing, a loooot of people are very concerned about looking good in a bikini body. A lot of people will point out those who “don’t fit” in a bikini body. But, then again, what is actually important for you? Here I talk about it in a way people don’t do here in Norway. Check this out.

In my opinion, there is no better place than Norway in the summer. This is such a pretty country, stunning nature, a lot of options to have fun in the sun. And a lot of pressure to look good in a bikini. But it is a hidden, very subtle pressure, that yet, you feel it strong and mean. Nobody wants to talk about, but everybody feels it.

Body shaming is a reality and that needs to change. We need to start talking about it and giving voice to more people.


This is the name of my new web series, on my Youtube channel and the first episode is out. I talk to the illustrator/artist @ida_doria – who is Norwegian – and does know about this hidden pressure that is so deeply rooted in the society. Plus, this is a fun vlog around Oslo and I hope you like it!




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