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Norwegian summers are the best! Here is how we spend it.

Norwegian summers are the best! Here is how we spend it.

It’s been warm. Like, really warm in Norway. Around 30 degrees almost every day and that’s surreal comparing to an average Norwegian summer. For this reason, to spend the summer travelling in Norway is the best we could have done. Seriously, look at these pictures.



The summer vacation – or the Sommerferie (in Norwegian)  is a full month break during the summer. Some people take fewer days off or some none at all, but most people use July as the vacation month and travel abroad, chasing the heat. But this year has been a surprise. When the summer is magical, as this one is being, there is no reason to travel abroad. Norway has everything you need: 30 degrees almost every day, beaches, amazing festivals or cabins, or whatever you want to do.


We went to Hvaler. It is one of our favourite places. It’s pretty, calm, food is great, weather keeps delivering and we had the best days. Have a look:


Casually hanging out in the kitchen wearing this Rougette lace body which is to die for. Get it here




This is currently my favourite summer outfit as almost all my last days have been spent at the beach wearing this look. See details and links here

IMG_5200Our own little paradise!




He knew this teddy bear was just a decoration on the living room:



gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 6 gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 7 gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 5 gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 2 gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 3

gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 1


This front button blouse is so pretty and romantic. I loved to pair it with this faux leather crossbody bag, just to get a style contrast in the look.



gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 4 gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 10 gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 11


My old Havaianas and my fav beach towel with my fav sun products. Do you have stuff you only use on special occasions too? ahahhahaa



gisella-francisca-norwegian-summer-hvaler-blogger-life 9




This traditional Norwegian summer dish is goals! We used homemade aioli on a white bum  – like a round soft baguette, fresh shrimps, lemon, salt, pepper and dill! It’s heaven


How is your summer going? Can you give me some cool tips, please? I want the summer to never end.



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