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Beauty Boot Camp: The latest trends in beauty and the most massive goodiebag!

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Beauty Boot Camp: The latest trends in beauty and the most massive goodiebag!

Beauty Boot Camp: The latest trends in beauty and the most massive goodiebag!

A big group of beauty influencers, a bus and a full day of immersion in the latest news of the beauty industry. That is how my last Friday was like. And now you can see the backstage and details of how was our day at the #brandbootcamp18!


We gathered in Oslo Sentrum early in the morning and headed on a bus to Sundvolden. A delicious breakfast from Soho Urban Eatery waited for us onboard. After an hour drive, we arrived at the bucolic Sundvolden Hotel. We got a warm welcome from Fredrik and Louisa directors – as they are the ones promoting the event. All brands are sold in their stores. So it was like a big beauty trend show for beauty specialist, press and influencers.

The round started at Dior – one of the highlights of the whole event. Their area was like a backstage where José Teixeira, International Make-up Artist, Dior Proteam, demonstrated the new products. Dior Backstage is the rebranding of Dior makeup, with more affordable prices and more user-friendly packaging.
gisella-francisca-luxury-beauty-trends-2018-2 gisella-francisca-luxury-beauty-trends-2018-3

I tried the Face and Body foundation myself and I really love it. It covers enough, has a natural finish and a non-greasy texture. Works better for combination to oily skins like mine. Comes in a total of 40 shades. Mine is the 4.5W – around 3 points darker than the one I hold in the picture.







Then we headed to Elizabeth Arden‘s new addition to the revolutionary Ceramide series: the Retinol Ceramide – which is more powerful and effective than the regular capsules. They say it is like a “Line-Eraser” for wrinkles and tired-looking skin.



This is the new Double R – Renew and Repair serum by Guerlain. It is the newest addition to the Abeille Royale: a skincare programme that scientifically proves their exceptional capacity to minimize the visible signs of ageing on the skin. The Double R promotes a soft-peel treatment for highly effective action on the visible signs of ageing: loss of skin elasticity and firmness, wrinkles, dull skin, imperfections, large pores.




The cutest displays from @all_about_mee_masks showed us all their range of good and effective face masks that count also with cute and appealing packaging. I mean, it is Korean beauty so we know it’s good, right? Kbeauty for life!

The SNP masks are also from Korea, but they have a different take. Not so much on the cute side, but more in the technology/medical angle. Their animal face masks are famous but now they are adding the bio-cell masks to the range and that promises to be revolutionary, as the paper they use has much more effect onto the skin.


After the masks, we headed back to the regular cosmetics, starting with the new Clinique’s Dramatically Different hydration system. I am particularly interested in this one because for years the product was my official face moisturizer because it was the only one who didn’t get me so oily back in the days when I was still living in Rio.

Now Clinique came with the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, which has a totally oil-free formula with 26 hours of hydration. Sounds like a dream and I will surely test myself very soon.

gisella-francisca-luxury-beauty-trends-2018-8We went over to Mac Cosmetics and the Nordic event team was performing a live body painting using the Pro products that are available in the Pro Stores. I got to do some painting too!


Then we got to see all the launches from lancôme. I have the whole thing on my video and you have to see it. So cool and cute. Play the video below.



The last stop of the makeup programme was at YSL beauty. My favourite products are the top coat mascaras, although they are not new. Their big news is the Rouge Pur Couture Slim Matte Lipstick – which I look forward to try out.



Then we headed to the magic area of exclusive perfumes. It was a room with 5 brands that most of us didn’t know from before. They are all sold exclusevely at Fredrik and Louisa. My favourites are:



Bergamotto di Calabria by Perris Monte Carlo. This is a tribute to the Citrus essences and they are my favourite

The Bergamotto Di Calabria contains the precious material called the ‘Bergamot sponge’. The extraction is still done manually. First the fruit is sliced in half and the pulp is manually removed with a special incurved knife. Then the rind is compressed on a natural sponge in a circular motion to collect the essence. The essence accumulated is the most delicate and complex and resembles a fruity and floral note of jasmine.

The bergamot is a hydrid between a bitter orange and a lemon. There are three types of bergamot: femminiello, castagnaro and fantastic. Found and grown exclusively Calabria, Southern Italy along the Ionian Coast.

This is the scent I am currently wearing and will do until it finishes!



The Eight and Bob is one of the brands I fell in love with because of the history.  The Original scent has an amazing story behind it and it smells fresh like summer in the Riviera. A really pretty scent that is now on the top of my wishlist.

The Mogador from Keiko Mecheri is another favourite that shares the top of my wishlist. It’s fresh, misterious and sexy. Soft and remarkable, I really love that one. Specially because Keiko herself was there to talk to us about the scent. Her presentation was so inspiring.


Then we had an amazing lunch and a presentation of Ren Skincare that by 2021 will be the first beauty brand in the world to be 100% sustainable both in the formulas and the packaging. Did you know that almost 70% of the beauty industry packaging is not being recycled at all?

As beauty lovers, we also have a big responsibility with the destination we give to our trash and I would love that the shops that sell the products also took back the empty packaging.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the beauty trends coming up in stores now. Please join the conversation:

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