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Daydreaming in this bold African dress. ⬇️ It's the first time I wear a dress handmade in Africa and it made me to feel something. Read about it on my blog. LINK IN BIO. Btw, do you know @grass_fields ? Their work is so distinct. The pieces are special. And the best? This dress is on sale. Find all the info on my blog.  USANDO PELA PRIMEIRA vez um vestido feito à mão na África. Me causou um feeling tão bom. Só uma coisinha com@o shape, como vcs se sentem usando volumão assim? #gisellafrancisca #africanwear #myheritage #fashionismagic #mixxxedchicks #colorfuldays #acolorstory #actuallyplus #plusgirlswithstyle #allsizes #iamallwoman #cutenessoverloaded #psootd #grassfield

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